Sewing for Me: McCall’s 6751


Ikat. Something happens to me when the temperature rises, and I long to wear ikat. That’s a pretty nifty back, right? Can I just tell you that I continuously bias bound the entire top portion all the way around the neckline and the cross over straps and arm holes, and I believe that bias tape was at least 6 feet long? Β It was taller than me, at any rate (I’m 5’4″).

From the front, it looks like a plain ole tank, made in a lovely chevron-patterned ikat that I got from here ages ago:


I’m pretty keen on the back, a rather modern take on the pinafore:


This is McCall’s 6751. I’m not sure why it looks so fitted on the model because this is definitely a loose tank top. I cut the size M and it has plenty of ease. Also, the instructions offer up the option to just fold over the edges all around instead of using bias binding, and that might account for why the straps are so much thinner and the keyhole much bigger in the envelope image. I’m glad my keyhole is tiny since it makes for an undergarment-friendly top. Well, when I say undergarment-friendly, I mean strapless-bra-friendly.


This pattern requires only two pieces (and endless amounts of bias tape), so it was a pretty quick project. I decided to be smart and added three inches to the hem because I always forget to account for my lengthy torso. But I only did that for the front bodice piece and completely forgot about the back (so much for being smart). Not to worry, I just rounded out the edges of the front bodice so now it’s even more reminiscent of the Wiksten:


It actually worked out great, and I love the length of the front piece. The back length isn’t too shabby either. Lo-Hi! This style will spread like wild fire, I’m sure. Overall, I like this top very much, but I’ll admit to being in a hurry to finish it since I had to get K from camp and thought I could whip it out in the scant two hours I had available. That bias tape killed me. Clip and grade your curved seams, my friends, as our wise maven of excellent sewing tutorials tells us. Otherwise, you end up with a neckline that doesn’t lay flat like mine and it outs you as a sloppy home sewer. Fortunately, it’s not too noticeable, but the other lesson in this is never to rush your sewing projects. Still, I’ll chalk this one up as a semi-success, and I think I might give this top a go in a jersey knit next time. What do you think?

38 thoughts on “Sewing for Me: McCall’s 6751

  1. Hi Sanae,
    i think it looks great and i really like the martime feeling that Comes with the blueandwhite ikat and those cute Shorts!

    1. The fabric is so lovely, Karen! It’s very apparel-appropriate and drapes so nicely. This would have been trickier to get a nice finish with quilting cotton (which was my other option).

  2. This one is just right! the fabric really holds its own against any accusations of sloppy sewing. Wow!

    1. Thanks so much, Max! I have to say that the neckline did stretch out a bit as I wore it for the rest of the day so it got droopy, but I think a quick wash/dry will fix the problem πŸ™‚

    1. I’ve been saving this fabric for a while, and I’m glad I got to use it for such a unique pattern! Thank you, Asmita πŸ™‚

    1. Wow, thanks Kristin! I’ve never thought of my shoulders or upper back as anything but football-player-esque, so I appreciate the comment so much πŸ™‚

  3. This is so flattering and special! Like I said, blessed by the sewing gods! And the fabric is really great! I was thinking of making another dress with a hi-lo hem but now I will do lo-hi for sure, get the new trend started over here in Europe! πŸ˜‰ (And such a nice last Mona Lisa foto again!)

  4. So cool, Sanae! I love that back design. And I actually bought the same fabric from Drygoods! I made a Wiksten tank for my sis, actually, and saved every tiny scrap for quilts because I liked the look of it so much. You may have already tried this, but I’ve found that steaming can sometimes fix a tipping bias-bound neckline.

    1. I’ll have to try the steaming trick, Morgan. Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know that you’d gotten the same fabric from Drygoods — I love it and wish I’d bought more than a yard and a half!

  5. I like the back on this combined with the front looking like a standard tank. The neck rolling is not actually very obvious in the pictures and your top looks great but I know small things like this annoy me in my own sewing. I had a similar problem with a neckline recently – did you understitch it ? this post I read recently has some good tips and links about understitching – it worked well when I tried in on another top.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I’ve done understitching when I line a bodice or use a facing, but I haven’t tried it with bias tape finishing. Thanks for the link, it’s such a great site!

    1. Just barely, Bella, just barely. Two hours really wasn’t enough to complete the top…hence the wonky neckline. You should have seen me zipping that neckline through my machine!

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! It’s nice to have a top with a lot of ventilation for the increasingly steamy days!

    1. Ha, the lo-hi made me laugh when I finished it. Of course I would forget to add length to the back. Other than the bias tape madness, it does come together pretty speedily, so worth a sew, I say πŸ™‚

  6. This is great and I love it on you. Thanks for posting it! I love the way you interpreted the pattern.

    1. Thank you, Annelieke! I was especially pleased that I had just enough of the fabric to make the top. I pieced together a lot of short bias tapes, but I was able to make this out of 1.5 yards, which was awesome.

    1. I’ve found lately that I love tops with an unexpected design in the back. I have another top with a different kind of surprise element that i’m contemplating…Thank you, Marjolijn!

  7. I like that you mentioned the under-garment friendly nature – I always wonder when I see cool back designs like this if one can still wear a bra. Haven’t worn a strapless in years and years . . . hopefully they’re more comfortable now than when I last wore one:)
    You have the patience of Job to make all that bias tape! Good for you:) I prefer the wider straps that you made (again, more under-garment friendly:). And that fabric is wonderful! Glad to see you’re still enjoying your blues:)

    1. About three or four years ago, I got fitted for bras at Nordstrom (it’s a free service and discovered that I’d been wearing the wrong size for decades). I got a couple of strapless bras at the time, and they’re still in great shape and are very comfortable. And yes, blues all the time! Thanks, Lucinda!

  8. This looks great! I made a view A of this pattern and the fitting is a little wonky on me. I think it’s because the back is loose and pulls into different positions.

    1. The back can shift a little, but I’ve found that the fit (and neckline) are better after washing the top. I want to try view A too! πŸ™‚

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