Monday Outfit: Scraps Tank + Matcha Shorts


Good morning! At last, I have something made from scratch that’s K-sized to share — it was getting to the point where even K was starting to wonder when I was going to make clothes for her again. Oh, I shouldn’t forget to mention that K made that necklace with fake pearl buttons and a bell, and is so very pleased. I think she might be starting a trend.

A bonafide Monday Outfit this week: I wanted to sew from this knits-based book, and I was specifically looking for an A-line tank. It would have been easy to draft, but I don’t know — there’s something about the way the Japanese patterns are drafted that makes the fit perfect for K. I love that this book concentrates on stretchy fabric, but I haven’t used it much for some reason. I had somehow completely bypassed this spread in previous perusals and was excited to see the exact style I was looking for:


Those bloomers didn’t appeal to me, and I guess I didn’t notice the cute combo on the right. The pocket placements aren’t my thing so that might be another reason I glossed over it. I’m picky, picky, picky…


I hunted for some summer-y fabric, and then stumbled upon a small remnant of the denim knit that I’ve used time and time again. I thought I’d used up every possible inch, but hallelujah, not the case! I didn’t have quite enough though, and then found a scrap of much loved stripes. An accidental color-block tank was born, and I want one for myself.


I also traced and cut out the shorts pattern, but wasn’t feeling any of the fabrics from my now limited jersey knits supply, and turned to wovens. This is a Moda linen-blend fabric called “Mochi” in chartreuse, the color of matcha tea. It’s such a shot of happy, don’t you think?


For the second time (only because being the habitual creature that I am, I keep forgetting to use the method), I inserted the neck band flat a la Andrea of Four Square Walls whose mastery of knits is so impressive, and it looks fantastic. M couldn’t quite understand why I was so excited about a neckband, but that’s husbands for you. I bound my armholes my normal way, just because I like the look better for armholes.Β Here’s a random close-up of the stripey knit portion:


I can’t overstate how much I love this top. I’m not sure that the textures are coming across onscreen, but I think it looks extremely high-end and stylish in person. The way it swings and fits on K…sigh. I wish clothes would fit on me like that.


K concurred that the top is smashing, but she’s not into the shorts. Nope. Something about not liking shorts that look like skirts…


Still, she wore the outfit for the rest of the day without complaints, so the shorts must not be too bad. She did, however, insist on wearing them low on her hips gangsta style. As an aside, lately, K is having more and more trouble figuring out the front and back of the garments I make, so I’ve started stitching in little strips of ribbon to indicate the back:


I have yards and yards of pretty linen ribbons and they come in handy.


Even though K is less than thrilled with the shorts, this might be one of my favorite summer outfits. She seems to be warming up to it too…


P.S. I was playing with my camera setting and was trying for a dreamy quality. Some might argue they’re all just blurry, and okay, that point might have some legitimacy…

29 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Scraps Tank + Matcha Shorts

  1. Omg!!! I just might *have* to copy this whole outfit for myself! It’s soooo beautiful and very high-end looking!
    I just recently came across your blog (Nani iro month) and I have to say, I’m in love with it πŸ™‚

    1. I’m with you, Sandra! I need to grown-up-ify this combo! Thank you so much for your sweet words about the old blog – it makes me so very happy!

    1. Me too, Liza Jane, me too! She’s definitely developing stronger opinions (as if they weren’t strong enough before), which I want to encourage but also want her to be open-minded about trying things. What to do?

  2. Can I please have a top like this? And matcha shorts? I want to drink my beloved matcha latte in matcha shorts! CanΒ΄t wait to see what you made for yourself because you must have been blessed by the sewing gods last weekend…
    And yards and yards of pretty linen ribbon, ey? You are just crazy-wonderful πŸ˜‰

    1. Matcha latte in matcha shorts is a must, Ute! I’m still working on getting the pattern ready for my own outfit and I’m having a bit of fabric crisis! I can’t stop choosing blue fabric!!! And yes, linen ribbon is a staple in my crazy stash πŸ™‚

    1. Ha, it’ll cost ya, Marta πŸ˜‰ I always love it when shortage of fabric results in a happy end result! I only had just enough for the shorts too, if you can believe it.

    1. I love K’s necklace too! I think it’s surprisingly sophisticated-looking, though she does sound like a cow or reindeer jingling around all over the place…;-) Thank you, Jing!

  3. K’s outfit is gorgeous – such a sophisticated color palette! Isn’t it the best feeling when scraps magically come together? And nice job on the neckline. πŸ™‚

    1. That neckline makes me proud — it’s completely even all around and not a wobble or missed stitch to be found. Profesh! It’s such a rarity, I need to celebrate when it happens πŸ™‚ Thank you, Kay!

  4. Sanae! I love this outfit so much. The stripes with denim knit (who knew that denim knit existed?!) is amazing. It’s simply inspired! And I love the shorts. They are so awesome! Could you show these comments to K to influence her to change her mind? Or are we all too old to be relevant? πŸ˜‰

    How do you feel about the Moda linen? Have you ever used Kaufman’s linen blend? I wonder how the two compare?

    I happen to love those bloomers with the top in the book – but am picturing it on a little girl, like our 2 1/2 year old, Iris. Not so much a girl K’s age. I might have to look into getting that book!

    1. I’m afraid K’s head will swell if I let her read all the comments, Rachel :-)!

      I like the Moda linen blend, though it’s mid-weight and a lot heavier than I expected. Almost home decor, but not quite. It reminds me of Kokka linen blends and it worked great as shorts. I find the Kaufman linen blend to be a little lighter (at least the ones I’ve gotten), which I like.

      The book has quite a few fun designs, though I remember trying to make a lace dress and failing miserably. I’m going to try a few more styles before deciding whether I like it or not.

  5. One more question – I noticed when clicking on that linen that the chartreuse looks different in your photos than it does in the swatch. Which is a more accurate representation of the true color? I’m wondering in case I order linen from that line – I’ve been having the worst time with company online swatches not accurately representing the color.

    1. It sounds like you have a nice monitor (color really depends on your monitor) and I think the Drygoods swatch is pretty spot on. I get tons of light in our house, so it looks a lot more yellow and brighter in my photos. The color really reminds me of matcha tea. Does that help? I hope so! Thanks, Rachel πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much, Heidi! I’m so sad I can’t get anymore of that stripe knit. It’s a sort of super light sweater knit and I’m guessing it has poly content but feels so soft. And the denim knit is a perennial favorite!

  6. I love when necessity results in an even better finished product- that color blocking with stripes is inspired! And while you’re making an adult version for yourself, throw in an order for me too:) Love the pairing with the chartreuse- something about blue and green together has always appealed to me.

    1. I’m a big fan of green and blue together too, Lucinda! In fact, I just might have something in blue and green for myself this week, though I haven’t completely decided…Thank you!!

  7. Our poor husbands, being made to admire our perfectly sewn neckbands! I’m with you Sanae, that had to be shown to someone immediately and that someone had to stop what they were doing, admire it, and say with heartfelt meaning: That is a spectacularly sewn neckband honey.
    It’s a great outfit and I can only echo that I’d love to dress like that on a hot summer’s day.

  8. I just blogged about clothing tags! Still, they don’t always pay attention to them when they get dressed, and pants will be baggy in front and tight in back, or a neckline will seem unusually high.

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