Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! Today is the first day of summer vacation, and I thought this illustration I painted evoked that sense of anticipation. I can’t believe it — second grade is done!


K: “You know what my gift is, Mommy?”
Me: “What?”
K: “I can sense guilt – I can always tell when you’re lying.”
Me: “Me?? I never lie!”
K: “Oh yes you do…your eyes twinkle when you’re lying and your face looks puffy when you feel guilty.”


K: “Mama, you know what my other gift is?”
Me: “Hmmm?”
K: “Boys don’t usually like to tell me things, but I can make them laugh and then they SPILL THE BEANS.”

Huh. You learn something new every day. I think she might have a future as a killer detective.


Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Summer vacation!
Family fun time galore
Heading out of town*

*We’re going on a mini road trip this weekend – excited!


4 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Randomness

  1. Love your illustrations — amazing to me how you capture a feeling like anticipation so well. And K is a very observant perceptive child isn’t she? I’m glad that you are writing these conversations down as they will be treasures when you are older. I wish I had captured more gems from that amazing period of life — the few that I had jotted down give me such feelings of amazement and joy even now decades later.

    1. Thank you , Kay! I’m glad I’m writing them down too….my memory is embarrassingly limited and I love being able to look back through the archives and remembering all her funny/sassy/observant/sweet words!

  2. Mad skillz, that girl:) Boys beware!

    Have a lovely road trip this weekend – summer is made for creating memories!

    1. Thanks, Lucinda! Just got back into town and we had an amazing time! Zonked though, and ready to get some shut-eye. 🙂

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