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Keepin’ it snappy today as K just informed me that I’m supposed to be making her an outfit for her and a friend for “twin day”. I guess it’s part of spirit week at her school and it strikes me as an odd theme (I worry that some kids will be excluded), but it is what it is. I have exactly one hour to do this, and I’m racking my brains for the easiest possible pattern.

Anyway, as an incorrigible creature of habit, I frequent coffee shops daily to write in my journal. One of my favorite things to do is surreptitiously sketch people wearing outfits that catch my fancy. I have notebooks and notebooks of them, and yesterday, I took a few moments to render a couple in watercolor when I got home.


I noticed a trend of perfectly matching accessories yesterday. One woman I saw was wearing a navy shirt with white anchors (love), and in her hand she held her phone that sported a dark blue case with white anchors. Another stylish woman sashayed by me in a long cardigan with a geometric pattern, and she carried a tote with near-identical geometric motifs. I loved her ankle boots and floppy hat too.

Do you notice other people’s outfits? It’s something I’ve always done since I was a little girl: mentally storing different color and clothing combinations, then drawing and jotting them down later — I guess it’s not surprising that I’m obsessed with sewing clothes now! Speaking of which, I better get moving on those twin outfits…

[Update: the twin outfits were a hit! Obviously the fabric wasn’t my choice, but these dresses literally took 15 minutes each since I didn’t hem them at all. I went to K’s school for an end-of-the-year performance today, and folks had no idea they were handmade and asked me where I got them. Sorry that the photo is icky — how dare the school not have better lighting, don’t they know I have important things to post online?]:


10 thoughts on “Street Style Sketches

  1. Hi Sanae,

    first: i want to wish you a happy birthday (i know, i’m late).

    Twin day! What a fun. I think of matching t-shirt Dresses, with the same kind of shoes and accessories. Making two simple (think of a cool Breton-like blue and White stripe interlock or a mauve-coloured linen Dresses could fit in just one hour (ahem, not with me! but i think you’re fast!)

    i love your drawings. i notice what other People wear but only in positive ways. and i love to give comliments and a nice sentence about it to this person. i thinks ist important to Support men and women who wear nice clothes. Nice but not in an fashionista, expensive way instead more in a individual, fun and unique way. i like to see, when people put some effort in their Outfit, even if the clothes themselves are simple. the sartorialist blog was many years ago the first blog i followed (not today alsways the same nowadays)

    sending you hugs and greetings

    1. Thank you for the birthday wish, Marit! As you can see by my update on the post, I made t-shirt dresses! We were completely on the same wavelength though your fabric recommendations are far more tasteful than what I ended up with πŸ˜‰ The girls loved the outfits, of course. xo

  2. Lovely attention to detail! I also REALLY enjoy people-watching for the outfits. πŸ˜€ It’s great to see your watercolors. I sometimes feel scared to share my work online!

    1. So fun, right? I’m always so inspired by how people put together outfits! I totally understand how intimidating it can feel to put your artwork online — I can say confidently that it gets easier, though πŸ™‚ Thank you, Jeannie!

  3. I love your drawings, and like you I always want to see what other people are wearing. I can’t draw at all though….
    Just wanted to say great twin outfit. It’s not your colour I know (imagine?) but it looks great on her.

    1. Thanks Asmita! It was so sweet, K’s friend actually wrote me a thank you note for the dress! They loved being twins for the day πŸ™‚

  4. What they’re wearing is the first thing I notice/pay attention to about a person. It’s the main thing I look for when I’m out and about–who’s wearing something interesting?

    1. Other people’s outfit can be so inspiring and sometimes surprising. One time I was walking down a street and I couldn’t help but stare at an older gentleman wearing a white suit with what looked like a taxidermied white wolf slung around his shoulder. He looked like he’d just stepped out of a storybook!

  5. love the awesomeness of twin pink ruffle dresses – and in 15 min each, no less! And the sock accessorizing is the icing on the cake:)

    1. Thanks Lucinda! I basically quickly traced one of K’s t-shirts, extended the length and then scooped out the neck on the front piece. Zig zag stitched the two sides. No finishing, no hemming, no nuthin’. 15 minutes was probably an overestimation. πŸ˜‰

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