Sewing for Me: Simplicity 0403 aka 2147


Good morning! I’m switching up the Monday Outfit for an unscheduled me-made garment today. But before I go into that, I want to say a huge THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes and comments for the Staple dresses. We had an unusually busy and social weekend, so I’m slowly working on responding to all the lovely comments. My birthday was wonderful. Really, I couldn’t have asked for a better one. M planned a special date night (K had her third successful sleepover, and she was more than thrilled to be spending the night with friends), and we had a leisurely dinner at an amazing sushi restaurant and caught a Tom Cruise flick, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then we had a family celebration on Saturday and hung out with friends, and we kept celebrating for Father’s Day on Sunday. Whew. I’m partied out.

Which is all an excuse to say, I didn’t sew anything for K. I did, however, work on a wearable muslin for myself. I have something fun to share on Thursday, and was trying out a simple yoke tunic that is otherwise known as Simplicity 0403, which is actually now Simplicity 2147, I just discovered. You might remember that this pattern was part of my summer sewing plans, and no one is more surprised than I am that I’m actually making things from my list.


Funny story: I finished this top on Sunday and wore it out and about to get a few things for Father’s Day. At one of my errand stops, I ran into an acquaintance from K’s pre-school days, and as we were catching up, I noticed that she kept asking me, “So how are you??” and gazing admiringly my top. Or so I thought. I’m sure you’ve already figured out what’s coming, but I’m really dense and it was only later as I drove home that I realized that she must have assumed I was pregnant! The middle photo you see above is all you need to confirm the woman’s assumptions.

But you know what? I love this top. I actually cut it out as a dress, but when I tried it on, I felt swallowed whole and knew that I’d have to make it a tunic instead. I did try all my belts while it was still in dress mode, but I just looked like a lump of pizza dough cinched in the middle — sort of dumpy and misshapen. It was a good call to chop seven inches, and it feels very me with the indigo, the vaguely Japanese print and loose, maternity silhouette (this is a Michael Miller quilting cotton by the way). I’d already cut out the pattern months and months ago while watching trashy tv, so that made this a super quick project; however, I must have been riveted by the show because I managed to cut out some of the pattern pieces at size 12 and others at size 14. I normally sew size 14, but I took the plunge and tried the size 12 and hey, the fit is great! Maybe I’ve been cutting out the wrong size all this time.

At any rate, this is a successful muslin! However, I’m not sure that this style is going to work with the fabric I want to use (rather, I think it’ll end up looking way too similar), so I’m going to do something different for Thursday…stay tuned!



16 thoughts on “Sewing for Me: Simplicity 0403 aka 2147

  1. Perfect way to start the week, with lovely Sanae in a lovely tunic! This looks really great! Had to chuckle about the pregnancy assumption – I do get such questions, too! People take me aside after class and whisper in my ear “When are you due!?” So maybe I should try sizing down as well 😉
    Happy to hear you had such a nice weekend!

    1. Ha, isn’t that moment so awkward? I’ve been on the asking AND receiving end, and it’s uncomfortable both ways! Thanks Ute!

  2. Happy belated birthday, Sanae. I don’t think you look pregnant at all. You look beautiful and the top is lovely on you! I love the fabric!

    1. Thank you, Rachel! Oh good, I’m glad I don’t look like I have a bun in the oven in these photos, but there were quite a few photos that gave me pause…I think what struck me as weirder though was how much the back billows out so the overall effect is one of an inflated balloon with arms and legs…:-)

  3. What a lovely top… Gorgeous colour and pattern! I want one too! I don’t get the pregnancy vibe, but if you worry about that, its nothing a navy belt won’t fix. Anyway, I think its just lovely on you. Oh, and happy belated birthday too 🙂

  4. Happy birthday! Many happy returns!

    The friend was really mesmerized by your new top, I am sure of it. It is really nifty, casual and just great! A lot of ladies patterns have that shape, kind of maternity top. I don’t particularly like it, but the more tailored ones look like too much trouble to make, less forgiving for the beginner sewist, so I’ve made a couple loose sacks myself too. Yours is not like that.

    1. Thanks so much, Max! The yoke is curved and constructed differently than I expected, but due to that, I think it gives it more shape. I do think, though, that this top would look better on someone less…bosomy. Still, I love it and I plan to wear it again this week!

  5. This isn’t relevant to your post, but I wanted to tell you: I was browsing at Kinokuniya Book Store in J-Town (SF) before getting my katsu-curry dinner(!) and saw a woman checking out the Japanese sewing books you often use. Because I’m a busybody, I got my phone out and quickly navigated to your blog and pointed it out to her. I’m totally a Sanae proselytizer 🙂

    1. Haha, thanks Alana! I’m the worst at marketing myself, so I’m so pleased that you’re sharing my blog 🙂 Love Kinokuniya’s — such a dangerous place for me!

  6. oh i love this top, and yes it does look like you might need to size down going forward, because this fits you great! it almost looks like an adult Oliver + S ice cream dress, eh?? love it as a tunic. love you in blue. glad you had a nice birthday!

    1. Thanks Kristin!! And hey, the Nani Iro Archer you made? DIVINE. I love it so much, it’s definitely anthro! I can’t pull off the floral (I’m weird like that), but it looks great on you! And yes, this does look like a grown-up Ice Cream dress! 🙂

  7. It looks a lot like the “Waterfall blouse” by Make it Perfect.
    And yes, as the waterfall blouse, you get a pregnant look instantly!
    But it comes fast to sew and very comfy.

    Happy birthday, belated 🙂

    1. Thank you, Diana! The Waterfall blouse does look strikingly similar to this Simplicity pattern, but I bet the back isn’t gathered as much…definitely comfy!

  8. So…I totally made this pattern recently and am wearing it as a maternity tunic. I have to belt it, though, because the back is so so big that it looks really shapeless. There’s no reason for the back to have as much gathering as the front. I was afraid to size down because I didn’t want the yoke/sleeve to be any smaller, so there’s that to consider if you make it again. I have to wear it over pants because the minidress length would be a little scandalous with my bump!

    1. I totally agree that the back billows out and from certain angles, I look like a turtle! I think I’m somewhere between a size 12 and 14 and depending on the style, I can probably get away with the size 12 🙂

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