2015 RECAP: Sewing for K


Good morning! I hope you all had a restful and celebratory Christmas, and perhaps you too are now looking back upon all the happenings of 2015. It’s been a big year for me: one book launched, another completed. I inadvertently started something that could be considered a side business. My little family of three had highs and lows, but the good times outweighed the bad. I hadn’t been quite prepared for the emotional turbulence that was part of this year, but in hindsight it stretched and pulled me like taffy, loosening me up, adding flexibility.

Given the many life-altering events that happened in the past 12 months, it’s no wonder that my personal sewing took a major hit. But I can’t really blame it all on book activities. The inevitable seems to be happening, and as K grows older, she’s less interested in wearing clothes that I’ve made. She wants to live in t-shirts/knits and leggings, preferably with characters and bright designs on them. “The non-stretchy stuff you make is uncomfortable, Mama,” she tells me.

So it makes sense that I tended to default to stitching up knit clothing, just because that upped the chances of them getting worn. Even so, she’d rather wear the store-bought hand-me-downs from our neighbor — I can understand that.

I’d assumed I made about a dozen things for K this year, but as I looked through my archives, the grand total came out to 27 (if counting each component of her Halloween costume separately). Not too bad! An average of 2+ a month is far more than I thought I could manage.

So here they are by month (surprisingly, the only month I completely skipped was May):




Raglan Navy + Floral


Frogtastic Tee


perripullovers5 perripullovers6

Perri Pullovers



Front Placket Dress (Wool Plaid)


Front Placket Dress (Geometric)


Coral Giraffe Print Top + Leggings



Bow Dress


“Robe Jacket”


Sailor Dress



Easter Bunny T-Dress



Maritime-y Dress


Recital Dress That Wasn’t


White Tee + Nani Iro Knit Shorts





Henry Dress in Gradients of Grey



Bedford in Black and Floral



Rockstar Pants



Ottobre Marja Top



Second Day of School Dress



Superhero K



Faux Fur Vest



Gilded Recital Dress

27 items! There were a few pairs of leggings I didn’t post, so it’s probably closer to 30. I’m not sure how to approach 2016 and sewing for K… I’m in the midst of making her a puffy jacket — it probably won’t be done until this Saturday — and I will continue to make her necessary clothes, I’m sure. But it’s different from when I first started this blog and I could make whatever I wanted for her and she happily donned the outfits. She’s no longer my dress-up doll, and we are entering a whole new phase of tweenhood and strong opinions and self-consciousness.

I’ll figure something out, though. Maybe 2016 will be about teaching K how to make her own clothes. Now, wouldn’t that be something?

Happy Friday + Randomness

Happy Friday! The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of celebrations and there’s still one last hurrah this weekend. After the American Girl bonanza, I’m determined to not go overboard with K’s party this weekend. M and I will be entertaining about 10 kids and I’m shooting for an ultra casual gathering. Of course, I’m already making elaborate DIY plans for a magnetic “Pin the button on the Dress” game, so I might already be shifting over to the dark side of overdoing things…Oh, and I got a pinata that doesn’t require whacking (as illustrated above, you just pull on those ribbons), and I hope the kids don’t find it too anti-climactic.

I wouldn’t have been able to get everything done without my mom aka Ba-chan. There are some things happening behind the scenes that could become incredibly exciting so I’ve been unusually busy, and she’s been steadfast and a dream babysitter/gourmet chef/all-around supporter. And I don’t think I mentioned that I got into an accident earlier this week (all cars and people involved are fine, and thankfully, it wasn’t my fault. A car backed right into me in the middle of the street!) – it’s been a crazy week.


Overheard an exchange between K and M the other day:

K: C’mon Butter Creams, let’s have game time*.

M: Alright Butter Bunions, let’s go.

*”Game time” is special bonding time that K and M regularly have that involves practicing karate kicks or playing video games. I have no idea what these nicknames mean.


Wishing you a thoroughly enjoyable weekend! I’ll be back on Monday with something a little different…

Thanks so much, Ba-chan
On Saturday you will leave
How will we function?

Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! Every day, K makes me laugh. I can’t possibly record every single utterance, but these were my faves this week:

K: I’m so into bugs right now.

Me: Oh yeah?

K: Yeah, I love books with pictures of bugs with information and all that stuff. Chapter books are so last season ago.


K: Mommy, I really want an asteroid. A fluffy one shaped like a bunny.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! I leave you with a weekly haiku:

Have a lucky one
St. Paddy’s is this weekend
Don’t forget: wear green




I think I will always love drawing with black pen the best. I’ve been feeling a little cloudy lately…not sure why. But after finishing this little sketch, my mood lifted significantly. Sometimes, a bunch of stylized rainy clouds is all it takes.

Pattern Play

A little late to the game, perhaps, but I’ve been hooked on Downton Abbey these days. I’m still working my way through Season 1, and while I watch, I’ve been doodling some patterns. I’m currently working on a pink (of course) colorway with lace patterns as Mary tries to decide whether to marry Matthew…intrigue!