Chibi Samurai Wants A Pet

Published 2017 by Little Bigfoot / Sasquatch Books
Available wherever books are sold, and please consider purchasing from or your local indie bookstore

In this new additon to the Little Kunoichi series, author and illustrator Sanae Ishida’s beautiful art pairs with a gentle, fun lesson, featuring Little Kunoichi’s buddy, Chibi Samurai.

Inspired by Little Kunoichi’s relationship with her pet ninja bunny, Chibi Samurai sets off to find a companion for himself. He explores many possibilities from Japanese culture–both real and mythical–thinking about how each creature might be as a pet.
Little Kunoichi and her pet bunny cheer him on as he searches and searches, until finally Chibi realizes that the perfect pet, just right for a little samurai, has been with him all along.

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