Monday Outfit: KCW Spring Day 1

Good morning! Ah Monday…good-bye spring break, hello last stretch of the school year. I’m busily finishing up my spring cleaning (so, so close to being done!) and researching summer camps for K. So far she’s rejected every idea, including Rock’n’Roll Camp for Girls, which sounds so cool that I can’t believe she doesn’t want to go. Turns out she’s still a little too young anyway. I think the resistance to camps is because a bee stung her on the lips last year on the last day of summer camp. What were the chances? Poor thing, she had Angelina Jolie lips for a few hours…

Anyway, it’s time to talk about this week’s outfit, which also happens to be part of KCW‘s first day! I guess it technically doesn’t count since I made it before today, but rules schmules.

I am completely taken with this fabric. It’s from my fave store, of course, and it’s actually home decor weight cotton, I believe, so it’s a bit stiff and would have made a really nice spring coat. But when I saw this scallop print, a french-sleeve dress immediately popped into my mind, and how fortuitous that I have a newย book with exactly such a pattern! It’s from the so so lovely Frances of Miss Matatabi and I love it. I have several projects earmarked to make already and you might be seeing some this week! Thank you Frances!

Despite the thicker cotton, the dress has serious twirlability, and I adore the striking quality of the graphic print paired with the simplicity of the dress design. Still working on that print-matching skill that is mysteriously elusive to me…

And since we’re in full blush of spring (which means endless rain here in Seattle), it seemed a shame not to make a garment called “Spring Linen Coat” from the other Sunny Spot book I have.

I know I’m a one trick pony, but this is not Essex Linen. It’s a lot softer and wrinklier and very, very thin. In retrospect, it might’ve been a good idea to switch the patterns and make the french-sleeve dress out of this fabric and the coat out of the blue scallops. Still, I love the way the faded blue linen looks with the stripey cotton facings.

I have a very ad hoc method to selecting my buttons. My mom gifted me a mountain of buttons that include some amazingly beautiful vintage ones a few years ago; however, the chances of finding more than two or three matching ones are pretty slim, so my options are usually limited when I need more than four. In this case, I had three choices: these vintage pearls, too-large silver ones with engraved eagles or too-small pink ones. I think I like the pearls.

I have grand plans for KCW! I’m really excited to devote some sewing time to create spring outfits and desperately hope that K will be willing to strut her stuff in front of the camera.

Unfortunately, she’s becoming much more interested in getting behind the camera lately. Did you notice her haircut? So overdue! The split ends had split ends, and thank goodness they’re gone. Now brushing is (almost) a pleasure.

More outfits to come!


21 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: KCW Spring Day 1

  1. that print is fabulous, sanae, and of course i love the dress! i think matching prints can be reserved for stripes. so excited to see what you’re up to this week!

  2. WOW. Wow-wee-wow-wow!!! If this is your kick off outfit for the week, I can only imagine what’s to come. I would’ve never thought to use decorator’s fabric. I would think it be too stiff and not drape nicely, but with this particular dress pattern, it looks beautiful. You could’ve switch the fabric with the patterns, but I like this one much more!

    p.s. Great haircut K!

  3. Sanae, beautiful work once again, what a nice way to start this challenge. I got inspired by this dress and I have this book I think I will try something myself too this week. Love the coat and the tone of grey goes with that deep navy blue dress. Lovely!!!!

  4. Stunning outfit! That jacket in the washed linen looks so beautiful against the more graphic saturated color of the dress. What fantastic fabric choices – as always:)

  5. Great kick off!! I love this combo, and think either way with the dress/coat fabric option works great! Although this way the coat works with everything, so that is something! I love your photos…

  6. You kicked off KCW with a bang…. I love these both. The coat is just perfect and I really really like those pearl buttons- adds just the right amount of femininity. sophisticated little lady, that K. ๐Ÿ™‚ well done!

  7. I never know it’s home decor fabric if I didn’t read your post. I thought it was Japanese fabric because its pattern prints and color. The dress & jacket are fabulous outfits, perfect match!

  8. Thank you for all the lovely comments, ladies! I’m trying to see if I can push myself to make all the clothes on my list — stay tuned!

  9. what loveliness! that scallop fabric is divine! i can’t wait to see what you have in store for this week, i’ll definitely be staying tuned!!

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