More Felties: Li’l Fox and Baby Bear

We’re getting a little bit of a late start these days. I’m down to the wire for making Christmas gifts and what do I do instead? I make a bear cub and a kit, just because they’re so fun to stitch up.

Rose and Bob, as you may recall, were in wedding mode last time we saw them. Well, a few years have passed and they are now proud parents to a delightful little girl cub who spends much of her time dressing up in fancy embroidered dresses and playing with her best buddy and neighbor, a clever little kit. He likes to drag her into the woodlands for adventures while she fusses about getting her shoes dirty.

I asked K what their names are, and she responded “Baby Bear and Little Fox”. Naturally. I assure you that she’s incredibly imaginative in other areas of her world.

Sometimes they encounter miniature pom poms in the wild. (I also made a bunch of these yesterday and plan to make them into a garland as well as decoration for Christmas presents that I really need to get cracking on). I used the fork method for the mini poms and they are cute cute cute.

I asked K where Rose and Bob were, but she shrugged and said they’re hiding somewhere. Kids. So for today I can’t show the entire bear family together.  I’m already making plans for Li’l Fox’s family but they will have to wait…I always seem to underestimate just how long things take and those gifts aren’t going to make themselves…


5 thoughts on “More Felties: Li’l Fox and Baby Bear

  1. I actually love the names K gave them – love how literal kids are! Love this newest installment of the felt animal family, and the story that goes along with them:) I can see why they would be addictive to make, but also understand the pull of needing to get other Christmas gifts made. I always have a hard time focussing on one gift at a time, and end up working piece meal on multiple gifts along the way. Not sure if that’s a good plan or not . . . 🙂 Good luck to you as you work on yours!

    1. I’m having trouble focusing on one gift at a time too, Lucinda! I spent hours yesterday cutting, measuring, calculating things for gifts and now feel officially overwhelmed! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Ha ha, yeah, C would have given them similar names. Last Christmas, she got a boy and a girl doll, and to this day, they are named Girl Twin and Boy Twin. Anyways your newest felties are adorable! They must be off on an excellent adventure far far away from Rose and Bob. I’d never heard of the fork method, brilliant! The photos with the felties and pom poms are great. I love the softness and the varying depth of field even with itty bitty things.

  3. again, little beauties!
    and i’m painting furniture and making soft furnishings
    for a dollshouseful of mice. which would have been fine back in august,
    but why on earth am i doing that now?

    1. thanks xenia! ooh, dollshouseful of mice complete with stylish interior decor sounds great and definitely sounds like the kind of thing I would do in the middle of the holiday season! 🙂

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