Happy Friday + Starry Peter Pan Blouse + Burgundy Tiered Skirt

Happy Friday! Another week, another outfit from my now favorite Japanese pattern book.

How cute is the peter pan collar on this top? OK, the right side seems a little wonky, but you hardly notice it in real life. The fabric is a Japanese double gauze, which is a dream to sew. The skirt is from A Girl’s Wardrobe, which is another good pattern book. The skirt took a mere half hour to make from start to finish, can you believe it? It’s just three rectangles pieced together, after all. The blouse took a lot longer, but still, so fun to make.

I’m starting to get into the sewing groove now that it’s not sweltering in our house…and what’s extra nice is that after four years of on-and-off sewing, I don’t pull out my hair nearly as much when trying to figure out the various steps. I daresay that I might be just a notch above a beginner now.

Next on the list: a Figgy Sunki dress! Have a lovely weekend, friends!


I think I will always love drawing with black pen the best. I’ve been feeling a little cloudy lately…not sure why. But after finishing this little sketch, my mood lifted significantly. Sometimes, a bunch of stylized rainy clouds is all it takes.

Pear Custard Pie

The air is crisp, the sky is clear. You crave a dessert of some heft with the now abundant autumnal fruit. So first, you take some pears…

Then, you slice ’em up, add some melted butter, flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, salt and milk…

Then, you bake it for 45 minutes and a golden, buttery, bubbly, puffy sumptuousness pops out of the oven…

Then, make yourself a latte in a fancy teacup and enjoy a slice. Delish!

Recipe is from here.


Brown and Silver

Good morning! Hope your Monday is going well so far.

Here’s a little sophisticated matching top and skirt I worked on last week – the fabric is an earthy neutral color with streaks of silver thread. The back has an unexpected open design and is a bit sassy. Love!

These are pattern F (top) and N (skirt), and I’m steadily working my way through all the patterns in this book (ISBN 978-4-579-11289-0):

You can find other completed projects from this book here and here and here.

Next up: a peter pan collar shirt!