Monday Outfit: Fanfare Jammies


Good morning! How was your weekend? Were you sewing frenetically for KCW? Me, not so much. I had all my sewing books out, I referenced what I said I was planning on making, and then I suddenly heard the background noise that I had been ignoring. It said, “Mama, mama, I want more jammies. No, underwear. Wait no, jammies!!”

So I made jammies. And that pose up there is so, “yo, homies –what up?”.


That’s it: one pair of pajamas for all of KCW week if you don’t count last Monday’s outfits. BUT. The fabric I used for the pants and applique is wonderful. It’s Rae’s Fanfare organic flannel (this one is “Bunting”). So soft, so easy to sew, so perfect for warm nightwear. And K loves her new jammies.


I mystify myself, and I decided to use a pants pattern from this book that included french seams for the outer leg seams. I don’t take the time to add french seams for my delicate silks, but for flannel? All over it. I’ve made these pants before here, and I liked that the pants rise is higher for more tummy coverage. I used elastic instead of drawstring, of course.

I’m a one trick pony with pajamas, and went the applique route again for the top like this one that K loves to death. As it’s the year of the horse (Happy belated Chinese New Year!), I guess my one-trick-pony-ness is okay. I used left over scraps to make little houses and clouds…or perhaps they’re smoke from the non-existent chimneys.


I didn’t have any minty aqua, grey (how is that possible?) or mustard knit, so I scrounged up some khaki jersey from my stash for the sleeve, waist and neck bands. Oh, the neckband! This is what happens when you get cocky and stop checking measurements because you assume you know how to do things. I cut my neckband too thin, and then tried to reinforce it with topstitching, only to totally stretch it out. Not glaringly obvious while K is moving around, tossing pillows and the like, but it ended up super wavy and I’m a little embarrassed about it. Oh well. The pattern is from this book, and I’ve made this so many times!


Still, the pajamas are cute, and very comfy. It serves its purpose and though a little more labor intensive than the other pair I made, well-worth it. Here’s K in her natural habitat (i.e. her room). I usually take these Monday outfit photos on my bed with all the bedding stripped because the light is prettiest there.


Not sure why the sole of her foot is so yellow. Hmmm. Anyway, I could have sewn more for KCW and had patterns traced, fabrics selected and all, but you know what? I got some good sleep, thoroughly cleaned half the house, and made edible food that wasn’t microwaved. I think taking it easy was the way to go. Now I better start thinking about more undies…