Willow & Co Glamping Tour: The Sophisticated Robin Hood Girl + Giveaway [Closed]


Today’s is a good one, friends. Vanessa of the wonderful LBG Studio graciously included me in the happenin’ Willow & Co Glamping Tour that’s been aflutter in the sewing interwebs, and it’s my turn to showcase their collection. And what a collection!


I wanted very much to sew everything, but of course, I need to sleep. So I selected the very beautifully designed Fawn & Lily dress for today (I have another sewn project from the collection for tomorrow that’s not officially part of the tour). I had grand plans as I always do, but sometimes my plans don’t work out. I said to myself, “Lace-up front with metal eyelets and leather cord!! So glampy!!” Except, when I tested my eyelet kit, this is what I got:


It doesn’t look so bad from the front though it got puckered here and there, but the back was a veritable barbed torture device. I had the worst time trying to get the second eyelet piece to adhere and attempted to just hammer down the teeth, but nope, no go. I didn’t want K’s chest to get clawed up, so I had to go with the button option.


I used a hunter green lawn fabric I discovered in my stash as I rooted around for something evocative of glamorous camping. It’s gorgeous stuff that drapes like silk, except it’s cotton. As my leather-cord-lace-up bodice idea was not to be (hmmmm….sounds a little naughty, doesn’t it? I contemplated creating button holes instead, but I was really married to the idea of the metal eyelets so the whole idea got the kaibosh), but I still wanted to add some leather element, so I tried out suede flat piping. I like it!


I zipped through the construction process until I got to the “sleeves”. A new-to-me finishing method was used involving encasing the bodice in the shoulder panels like a burrito, and I struggled a bit to get it right. The sleeve lining got horribly puckered on one side, and I debated fiercely whether I should just leave it as is since no one would be able to see it. I couldn’t do it. I undid the seam and tried and tried again until it looked decent.

This is a size 8, and it’s a touch roomy, but it fits her well and I like that it gives her plenty of growing room.


I forgot to instruct K to put her hands in the pockets, but I did include them. It’s a testament to my improved skills that K didn’t even realize that they were there. Normally my in-seam pockets get all wonky.


The deep hunter green combined with the wood buttons and suede piping makes me think of Robin Hood (or maybe it’s Peter Pan — one of those dudes that wear a lot of green), with a sophisticated twist if I may say so myself. What say you?

willowco-glampingtour15 willowco-glampingtour14 willowco-glampingtour13

She insisted on the patent leather black ballet flats, even though chin-ups and tree-climbing would be the activities at hand.


I love this dress. The pleats, the sleeves, the color, everything! The color looks more army green than dark hunter green below, but the pictures above are a better representation. Outdoor natural light is so great; these shots were taken as we walked down to our weekly Saturday brunch place.

willowco-glampingtour17willowco-glampingtour18The folks at Willow & Co are offering a super generous giveaway of 2 yards of fabric as well as a choice of a pattern from the collection! You’ll recognize the fabrics from the lookbook garments, and in their words, “the giveaway is open internationally, although if won outside of the US or Canada, the winner will be given store credit to www.willowandcopatterns.com instead of fabric.”

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment — anything will do, but maybe you’d like to include your favorite camping/outdoor food or perhaps a funny mishap. I myself am a huge s’mores fan, which is too predictable I guess, but there’s no shame in predictability! As for a funny mishap, I went camping many many moons ago, and on the second morning when I woke up, a mosquito had stung both my eyelids and I couldn’t open my eyes! The tragedy was that I was interested in a lovely lad who happened to be on the camping trip with me among a big group of friends, and…well, let’s just say no fire was ignited betwixt us as I had two huge inflated eye puffs for the rest of the trip and was too embarrassed to go near him.

Anyway, here’s the lookbook.

And here’s that fancy Rafflecopter (sorry if it’s confusing, it sounds like you’re supposed to leave a comment here as well as use the Rafflecopter):

Check out their fabulous collection in their shop, and make sure to have a look-see at the glamorous creations by these ladies:

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