Origami Pocket Tutorial


I can’t believe it, I’ve actually created a tutorial within one year of saying I would! Since several of you seemed interested in how I made the origami pocket for this dress, I went about trying to re-create the pocket yesterday. It required a few tries, but I think I got it.


Below, you’ll see step-by-step instructions. I didn’t serge/zig-zag the edges because they would all be hidden, but it’s probably not a bad idea to do so. One other note: in the original pocket, you can see fold lines that create a diamond shape in the middle that adds to the coolness factor (exhibit A above), but that was due to my willy nilly folding when I was first trying to figure out how to make the pocket. Turns out I couldn’t re-create those folds exactly. I think the pocket looks mighty fine without those fold lines.

Here’s the tutorial, and I hope it’s helpful!


14 thoughts on “Origami Pocket Tutorial

  1. …within THREE DAYS of saying! You are crazy fast! Thank you! Amazingly easy but looking amazingly complicated! Those are the best!

  2. OH MY GOD SANAE (sorry for beeing so loud)
    oh my god Sanae,
    i was absent for a couple of days bc my baby girl was really sick and i had to carry her around all day long (20lbs!) and in the evening i was always so tired to fall asleep in front of tv or a book.
    Today i felt the urge to look around your place and was crazy about missing:
    -the opportunity to change cool gifts with people around the world
    -this cool and heartwarming story about those women you meet years ago
    -a stunning linen dress that i want to make NOW for my girl
    -a cool new project
    -a print out freebie that i will use in a couple of weeks
    -and even an tutorial!
    So, i just leave one comment instead of 6 or so and just want to tell you: i love to look at your place, and see who you are, and wonder about the things you create (a dress, a book, a bread) and enjoy just the fact that i found your blog in this hemisphere of everything that is named “the internet”
    Thank you and hugs and best wishes
    from germany
    says Marit

    1. Oh, such an awesome comment, thank you so much, Marit! So sorry to hear that your little girl hasn’t been feeling well. We’ve had lots of sniffles and colds going on around here too. Not fun at all. Wishing your little one a speedy recovery and plenty of rest for you 🙂 xo

  3. I hope it’s ok, but I putting a roundup together on different pockets and LOVE this! I am going to link back to this post and is it ok to use your image on the post? I can send you a link when it goes up.

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