Monday Outfit: Suburbia Soup Harem Pants

Good morning, friends! As you read this, I am probably wilting in the Michigan humidity, but am fully enjoying my vacation nonetheless!

Weren’t the guest blog posts wonderful last week? I got very nostalgic about my own projects and I will try to share my fave handmades tomorrow, but it probably won’t be until the afternoon – my preparation skills didn’t extend to Tuesday…

But today is Monday, which means it’s time for a new outfit or two. Awhile back, I downloaded Venus’ super fun “You Call It Pants” pattern, pieced the sheets together and sat back, trying to decide which fabric to use. Linen, I thought of course, or maybe something stripey as I’m wont to do.

And then a few weeks passed and still no pants. I adore Venus and her fabulous blog (so multi-talented, she is). I love kids patterns, and I especially love to support indie designers so I was feeling a bit guilty about the pattern pieces just staring at me on my cutting table. So the weekend before my trip, I hunkered down and finally whipped a couple out and nearly smacked myself on the forehead because friends, these are the easiest pants to make. And they’re so hip and happen to be very much on trend right now.

The fabric I finally settled on was Michael Miller’s Seaweed Wrap knit. I think it’s such a cheery and happy print and thought it would be perfect for this silhouette. K loves it. SO comfortable and so cute!

This layered asymmetrical tank top is something I just made up. I wanted a slim-fitting tee to contrast with the fuller harem/sarouel style and literally kept snipping at pieces of white and heather grey jersey until the shape started to look like what I had in mind. Kinda sorta works, right?

I made the “basic” style in the colorful print but wanted to try something a little different with the second version. Rather than the grommet patch pockets that came with the nautical design, I made side seam pockets with a peek-a-boo neon coral knit (I used the same knit for a contrasting neckband on a Figgy’s Banyan TeeΒ here – love this color!).

This black jersey denim-look knit is gorgeous. I have just enough left over to make myself a tank top but I’ve been hoarding this forever. It sews like a dream without curling and irons beautifully (something that doesn’t happen all the time with knits).

The largest size available for the pattern is a 4T, which is also why I opted for knit fabric. It’s perfect on K, and I like the cropped look for summer.

I love the pants, but this halter top is so fabulous, it’s killing me. The fabric is silk (gasp), but has spandex and some rayon so it’s quite stretchy. But the drape! I truly need one in my size. A little tetchy to sew with but the pattern is two pieces with a long tie for the neck, so it came together in a jiffy. The pattern is from this book.

I wouldn’t normally use silk for K, but I originally purchased this fabric from here to make M some boxer shorts for Valentine’s Day. I was in a rush, and bought only half a yard thinking that would be plenty. When I washed the silk, it shrunk like crazy so I didn’t have enough to make the boxers. M’s loss is K’s gain.

How perfect are these two together? And doesn’t her pose above say, “Bring it, yo”??

This is a really great pattern and did I mention that it’s aΒ freebie?Β Venus, you need to make more patterns! I’ll have to try that darling hat pattern one day too!

30 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Suburbia Soup Harem Pants

  1. Welcome back! Fabulous pants! “You brought it, yo!” I just made a pair myself! And yes, the silk top ist so great I want one, too! So maybe if you make one for yourself you could make me one as well? πŸ˜‰ Your guest posts were wonderful, I enjoyed every one of them!

    1. Thank you, Ute! Haha, I’ll trade ya a Peaceful Cooing top for a silk halter! One other thing I should mention about the guest bloggers is that they were all so gracious and accommodating with my loosey goosey ideas. Those ladies are professional.

  2. Love them! I’ve got this pattern on my table for this week, too! There are so many great patterns I want to try, I don’t know how I’ll ever get to all of them…

    1. Hear, hear, Tasha! Now that I’m sewing for myself too, my list is almost impossible to manage!

  3. Now they are some good outfits! I love how the clothes you make are so kid appropriate/friendly and yet an adult (me) would be more than happy to wear them.

    1. Thanks for the props, Cate! I do make a conscious effort to make the clothes kid-friendly (though the silk might be a bit overkill) but I definitely like designs that don’t scream romper room. πŸ™‚

  4. Amazing! You and your kid are becoming my style icons! Harem pants have been on my list for awhile, so thanks for sharing a free pattern. I’m much more likely to follow through with making them now.

    1. So flattering, Jams! Never in a million years would I have ever expected anyone to put “style icon” next to my name! And yes, these pants rock and you’ll have multiple pairs in no time!

  5. YAHOO!!! You made it! πŸ˜‰ She’s the “fo-shizzle, yo” (okay… not quite sure if that means something, but it sounded good). The top is perfect! It looks super easy to whip up and you could even make it into a dress. Adding this pattern to my list!

    Thank you, Sanae for trying out the pattern! Who doesn’t like freebies???

    p.s. I have another pattern on the way… it’s a dress!!!!

    1. Fo’shizzle! Love it!! The pattern is so fun and easy and if I had grommets on hand I would have made the nautical version. I love the originality of that design. Great job, Venus! Can’t wait for the dress!!

  6. They fabulous! I will definitely make some for my daughter…although you know, I’m scared of knits, but I will try with some light cotton.The guest posts were lovely, I did really enjoy each one of them!

    1. These pants would look awesome in a light cotton! We’ll have to do some sort of knit sew-along to banish the fear because I used to be scared of them too, but now I love sewing knits!

  7. The pants are so cute! And I love love love that silk polka dot halter top!! I want one for myslef πŸ™‚
    The guest posts were so great last week. Such a great group of bloggers/sewist that you had! Hope you are having a great vacation!

    1. Thanks, Meghan! So glad you enjoyed the guest posts – they were all so kind to pull them together on short notice!

  8. And you are back with a bang! What great outfits; the last one especially has me jealous:) K is totally rocking the harem pant look, and that length is perfect for summer. I can’t even talk about the top b/c I don’t have the words, aside from “perfection”!
    Hope you had a lovely time in Michigan. I thought of you every time it stormed the past week and hoped that it was a local storm and not affecting your holiday.

    1. I had such a terrific time in Michigan! We couldn’t have asked for better weather — it was in the 70s to low 80s almost every day we were there, and though it rained a couple of times it was always at night when we were done for the day. I feel like we did everything under the sun. I even played tennis with my mother-in-law (she totally beat me yet again)! I thought of you too! πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Sanae,
    i really enjoyed the guest posts. i love the idea of looking back and review the clothes we make. I’m sewing for my kids just a little over a year, so the stack of homemade clothes (p.j.s, Pants, and some shirts) is not to high yet. The haremstyle pants are awesome. i drawn to sew some for my boy (he’s almost 7) , but not sure: what do you think: harem pants for boys? They are so comfy looking and he loves to lounge all sunday in his pjs, so i think he probably will love them.
    Greetings to you


    1. Hi Marit! Yes, I love taking stock of projects and progress – so satisfying, I think. And I think harem pants for boys look great! Have you seen Groovy Baby and Mama’s version? SO cool. Here and here.

  10. Oh wow Sanae – you’ve done it again!! I LOVE all of this. As you know I’m a sucker for the harem pants style, but this halter …has me drooling!! I need to make one for Wilma. Do you know if there’s an English version of this book?


    1. Hi Trine! I don’t think there’s an English translation of the book but the top is made with just two main pieces (plus the tie that goes around the neck) so I probably could have made this without a pattern. Knowing your skills, you would most likely improve upon the design anyway :-)!

  11. I just tried this pattern out with a knit fabric too. Did you do any adjustments when you made yours or did you size down?

    I made the 18m size as a gift and they were so big, they fit my 3yr old. In fact, they are the same size as my daughters size 4yr pants of a similar design from Zara. They came out nicely, but I can certainly imagine a simpler way to do the same silhouette with knit fabric.

    1. Hi there! I didn’t make any adjustments and stitched up the size 4 for my daughter who wears a size 6/7. The pattern does seem to be generously proportioned width-wise, but the length was more cropped, which I liked πŸ™‚

  12. Hi, I love these pants and really want to make a pair for my granddaughter. How can I access this free pattern? I can get to – but where do I find the pattern there – nothing seems to go anywhere????

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