Have you heard? It’s officially spring…

…but I’m not sure if Seattle got the memo. Maybe it’s been blown away by the gales of 40mph winds? I would like to wear a kelly green dress and carry a gigantic bouquet of flowers like my watercolor illustration, if weather will permit some day.

Yesterday, I had to run some errands in downtown and a little boy about the age of three or four came up to me and handed me a daffodil. A creamy white one with a lemon yellow center. A celebration of the first day of spring. I’d forgotten about this annual tradition.

When I got back home, I snipped some flowers from our yard and added them to the white daffodil.

It may not feel like spring, but at least it looks like it. And that, I admit, is not so bad.

8 thoughts on “Have you heard? It’s officially spring…

  1. We were having springier weather in Portland BEFORE the official start, and it’s like it jinxed us into 40s and rain here too! Blurg. Love your painting, it’s beautiful. You should turn it into reality (either for yourself or for K).

  2. Not to pull the “woe is me” Midwestern rant, but I think I’ve got you beat:) It’s been snowing here since Monday, and miserably cold. The fact that you were able to cut flowers from your yard is amazing to me – we don’t even have Lenten Roses or Daffodils poking their heads up yet. I was thinking of cutting some Forsythia branches though, for forcing inside.
    My complaining aside, your flowers are beautiful! What a precious gesture to be gifted with a flower:) I’m sure it makes you smile whenever you glance at it, remembering the little one that gave it to you. And your photography is stunning – such crisp and vibrant images!

    1. I feel for everyone experiencing unseasonably icy weather – it feels like the weather’s been a little crazy, no? And yes, the sweet flower makes me smile. I love the annual daffodil giveaway that happens in downtown Seattle – such a lovely and communal event.

  3. gosh, I sit on the east side of the state and as I gaze out my window, it is either snowing or mother nature has a horrid case of dandruff….the 4″ of snow that remain in my yard prevent any sign of spring reminders….so I sure enjoyed yours….thanx for sharing

    1. Ha ha! I just imagined Mother Nature with a giant bottle of head & shoulder shampoo! 4 inches of snow in late March? It boggles my California-bred mind.

    1. Thanks, Yeka! Wow, it sounds like so many places are still icy and snowy. It’s pretty chilly here too, but grey and rainy…

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