And time ambles on…

Hello, hello! How are you?

I’ve been taking an Instagram break for the last month, so I’ve been feeling extra disconnected from the online world. As I’ve stayed offline as much as possible, we’ve packed other activities into July. It’s been good. Better than good, really, and much, much needed. We’ve been spending time with family and friends. Traveled. I’ve read so many books. Wrapped up quite a few deadlines. A couple of days ago, I read this thoughtful post by Rebecca Green, an illustrator/artist that I respect a lot, about taking Instagram breaks and I’m determined to remove myself more from social media in the future — in fact, I think I’ll continue to stay mostly off of Instagram for August as well. My mental health has definitely improved over the last month, and I’d like to cultivate this well-being some more.

Anyway. Today is K’s 15th birthday!!!! Can you believe it? I can’t. I made that photo book you see up there back in 2010. K was 4 in the picture, and she’d just gotten her face painted with a crown and pink unicorn at her birthday party that we held at the neighborhood park. She was so, so delighted.

And here she is a few weeks ago, on our Michigan trip. She’s undeniably a young woman, and a very lovely one at that. She’s actually sitting right next to me right now, telling me to “write some heartfelt stuff.” Hmmm…that’s hard to do on command. How can I possibly express how much this girl means to me? She’s the baby I’ve always wanted, the one I was lucky enough to give birth to. “You were meant to be my daughter,” I tell her. M and I both feel that way. I’ve heard her ask, “But what if you got someone else?” M always responds, “I would have sent that kid right back and demanded my rightful child.” Never mind that it doesn’t make any logical sense, the sentiment is what’s key here.

Alright, I’m off to prepare for this special bday!! Hope all is well with you, friends.

2 thoughts on “And time ambles on…

  1. I too have decided social media takes to much time away from real connections to people – there is so much fun in worldly friendships on line but they do not supplant the people you are in the room with and have an in person relationship with. It is getting harder and harder to see what is going on with my favorite independent artists in fiber on instagram due to all the unasked for popup ads. I have transferred most of those accounts to email newsletters so I can bypass nstagram where possible. Each encounter becomes a wormhole of lost time.

    Your daughter is such a blessing…they are just these enchanting creatures that metamorphosis to lovely considerate kind giving people around 15/16 just as you decided perhaps the parenting love and guidance were too indulgent and they are self absorbed. The best and hardest is watching them as they fly off to their own lives and potential.

    Your heartfelt creativity is much appreciated. 💕

    1. Thank you, Annie! Your words are heartening, and yes I’m watching the metamorphosis with fascination. Good idea about bypassing Instagram with newsletters!

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