Vintage Patterns Haul – Part 1

Hello my friends! There’s so much stuff going on behind the scenes and I’m feeling slightly scattered, but I wanted to take a moment to post this amazing vintage patterns haul I received from a friend a few weeks ago, mostly as a way to have a handy reference for myself. The patterns appear to range from the 1960s to 1990s and I feel like a sewing godmother swooped down unexpectedly and waved her wand.

There are SO many patterns that I couldn’t scan them all in one go, but for today I wanted to feature the Vogue patterns in the large envelope format, many of which have me swooning. For example, I desperately want to make this coat:

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s happening for winter 2019, mark my word!

I thought these from the 80s were hilarious:



Oh man, I’m so in love with the Vogue Paris Original patterns:



I’m also digging the Couturier series:

And then there are some patterns lumped into “Vogue American Designers” (there are a couple that are called “Americana” which might be a different category, but oh well)::


I wasn’t aware that Vogue had all sorts of other categories like Basic Designs, Career, and something labeled Vogue Attitudes.


Finally, there was one random pattern for making stuffed animals. So funny!

Incredible, right? Most of the patterns are in pristine uncut condition and I’m pretty sure I can fit into the size 12. In part 2, I’ll share the interesting backstory of how I came to receive this treasure trove. For now, I must get back to sample sewing and preparing for my book’s upcoming photoshoot! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


12 thoughts on “Vintage Patterns Haul – Part 1

  1. Oh you lucky woman! I made a few Vogue in my younger days, and loved the patterns and finished clothes.

    1. I’ve only made a couple of contemporary Vogue patterns and am curious to see what these vintage patterns will be like! Thank you, Cheryl!

  2. Nice haul! Are any of them your size? I often find awesome retro patterns that would fit somebody other than me.
    I’m seriously crushing on that Guy Laroche dress with the built in scarf and rope belt 🙂
    And I very much look forward to seeing the asymmetrical coat. Go for it.

    1. Luckily, most of the patterns go up to size 12, and I’m pretty sure I can squeeze into that size. I might have to wield some pattern grading magic…and yes!! That Guy Laroche dress is one of my favorites too! Thanks Shelley!

  3. What a haul! These vintage patterns look more structured than a lot of the sewing I have ever attempted. Good luck!

    As for my sewing I am afraid to cut fabric for an Isca dress. It took forever to tape the pdf together and I am just procrastinating really. I tend tomake the same things over and over. Now I kniw why!

    1. Sewing a familiar pattern is very comforting and comfortable, I agree! I don’t do a lot of complicated sewing either, but I love a good challenge from time to time :). Thanks, Max!

  4. That coat you want to make is so cute! Nice haul! I jotted down the numbers of a couple patterns and now the search is on to see if I can find someone selling them on ebay.

  5. They remind me of my mum’s pattern stash that I got to comb through last year. A walk down memory lane (I remember my mum in shoulder pads etc as I was an 80s child).

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