Monday Outfit: The Classic Combo


Good morning! I walked three miles yesterday for K’s school fundraising event and now I’m hobbling all over the place. Very out of shape. My fitness level is neither here nor there, and today, I have a semi-homerun of an outfit. Clearly, I’m not a baseball fan. Would that actually be a three-baser? A foul? Who cares, right?

I’m back on track with my goal of sewing through this lovely book. This weekend I tackled the “boat neck cut sew” (cut sew is how the Japanese refer to knits) and a pair of pleated pants. Yes, pleated pants. This might be too much of a generalization, but I think someone of K’s size and svelteness is the only type of person who can get away with this style.


This top was only half successful. I was an obedient rule-follower at first and ironed on some knit stay tape (I cut this up into 3/8″ strips). But only on the front piece around the neckline and arm/sleeve curves. I have no real explanation for why I didn’t do the back, but it proved to be a good lesson because the front neckline looks great, but the back is completely stretched out and fugly.

classic-combo7Well, I guess this isn’t such a helpful reference. Don’t you love the pose, though?


I used this super thin knit jersey that turned out to be quite see through, which is why K is wearing a tank underneath and rocking the 80s Flashdance look. The stripes may appear to be black and white, but the colors are actually more in the natural/charcoal family. This is very much a K ensemble.

classic-combo11 classic-combo12

The pants had all sorts of interesting details and was extremely fun to construct. There were plenty of unexpected elements like the funky pant piece with the pocket already attached and a new-to-me method of attaching the yoke. The front and back pockets make these pants look high-end and those little button loops are trΓ¨s cool. However, I forgot to sew on buttons! Ah well, that’ll be fixed some time in the next year I hope. I apologize that I didn’t put too much effort to get the color correction consistent with these pants. For some reason, the color shifted depending on which angle I shot the pants. The photos of K modeling the pants are closest to the actual color — Essex yarn-dyed linen of course.


classic-combo8As you can see, a lot of dancing happened and we all know that means only one thing: she loves this outfit.


And you know, though I didn’t execute as well as I’d hoped, I love it too. Stripes and denim — it’s a classic combo, and you just can’t go wrong with classic combos.





35 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: The Classic Combo

    1. Thanks greta! I’m considering making the top in a slightly different way with a neckband so it’ll be even more comfortable πŸ™‚

  1. This is a super outfit! i would wear it too. Good sewing too. It looks more than good enough in terms of quality of execution, and fun to sew too. Unusual shaped pants and evem the neckline of the top looks a bit more interesting shaped. A winner for sure.

    1. Ah, you are seeing a highly curated selection of photos, Max — up close and personal, the top especially needs some work. πŸ˜‰ Thank you!

  2. Ummmmm….I pretty much want to upsize her entire wardrobe so that I can wear it. Not sure what it says about me that my fashion inspiration is an 8 year old, ha. But I think the reality is just that her mama has made her a very cool handmade wardrobe!

    1. Ha, thanks Kelly! I do tend to sew thinking, “I wish I could wear this myself!” Yet, I know that with my physique, a lot of these outfits just won’t work. I’m so glad they look awesome on K, though and I think you’ve got the body type that the Japanese design for πŸ™‚

    1. I have SO many photos for this outfit, Denise! It’s fun because when we scroll through the pix, it looks like stop motion film and K loves looking at it πŸ™‚

  3. Lovely outfit! I like how it looks, the fabric choices are spot on. The details on the pants are very nice and last but not least, K’s poses are awesome!

  4. Continuing to rock the pattern book, Sanae! Love that top, and glad that you gave the tip about using the fusible tape for the whole neckline. In my limited (read: nonexistent) Japanese proficiency, I was wondering from the diagrams if that’s what was happening – thanks for confirming! I think that charcoal/oatmeal fabric is awesome, as is of course the Essex linen:)

    1. Thanks, Lucinda! The book actually instructs that fusible tape to be used all over the place: the neckline, the hem, where the raglan sleeves meet, etc. I opted to omit the hem and back neckline, but now wish I hadn’t…live and learn, live and learn.

    1. I think my fabric stash would terrify you, Kristin! It is quite out of control…And yes, I think you would so rock this outfit.

  5. So cool, and like Kelly I pretty much want to wear it! The shoulder construction of the top looks really interesting – almost a raglan/set in combo? Or more saddle shoulders. I wish pattern designers would be a bit more adventurous and make more interesting knit designs for adults! I’d be so tempted to try to draft this up to fit me!

    1. It’s a raglan tee, and the neckline is just folded over. I actually don’t like this method very much, and next time I plan on adding a neckband. That way, I think the tee would sit better on her shoulders. It would be pretty easy to draft up, Sarah. Let me know if you give it a try!

    1. Oh yes, the Banyan! I forgot about that pattern and I actually own it! So the yoke is attached after the pocket is constructed in this unusual way that’s hard to describe without demonstrating. Essentially, the pocket is partially sewn and folded and then the yoke is attached. It made my brain hurt a little, but it felt like good exercise for my underused noggin πŸ™‚ Thanks, Brienne!

    1. Leggings are K’s go-to as well (unless she’s wearing too-short shorts, that is) so this one was a bit of a hard sell in the beginning. She’s been asking for skinny jeans so that’s next! Thanks Erin! πŸ™‚

    1. The pants are so cool, right? I wish I could wear them myself, but I know from experience that pleated pants are not for me…;-)

    1. They do look a lot like Banyans, and I’ll have to try those out, especially since those have an actual zip fly, and a zip fly is something I want to tackle. Thanks, Shelley!

    1. I still have a good bit of the stripey fabric left over so I’m plotting something to make for myself. But I don’t think I’ll look half as good in it as K does – she’s really an amazing natural model and yes, she keep growing older though M and I beg her to stay our little girl. πŸ™‚

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