Monday Outfit: Galaxy Maxi


Good morning! My schedule got a little hijacked this weekend, when we ended up having an unplanned weekend getaway. One minute we’re headed out for a day trip to Bainbridge Island to visit K’s favorite aquatic center and the next thing I know, we’re buying toothpaste and toothbrushes at a Rite Aid so we can spend the night at a nearby inn. “It’s an adventure!!” my husband, the king of unplanned getaways, yee-hawed.

It was non-stop excitement and included a fire alarm going off just as K and I got into our swimsuits at the aquatic center (M hadn’t quite gotten undressed). We were ushered outdoors amid drippy wet confusion; the pool was packed and it was a sight to behold the shivering, virtually naked throng of people huddled right outside the entrance waiting for the fire department. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many goosebumps at once. Eventually, we were allowed into the pool though we never found out why the alarm went off since there was no sign of fire — I’m guessing bored teenager. Regardless, K gleefully swung from the rope swing and jumped off of the diving board repeatedly.

It was still too early for dinner when we were done swimming and on a whim, we started jokingly looking for lodging. Everything in the area was booked for Labor Day weekend, so I was ready to call off the search but then a highly sketchy motel suddenly appeared with a “vacancy” sign, which both M and K declared excellent. The motel room actually looked like a scene from The Shining, but I was willing to go with the flow. More than anything, I was peeved that I had to break my ready-to-wear fast because I had to draw the line at sleeping in my dirty clothes or in my underwear or still damp bathing suit. Armed with a $3.99 dung-colored t-shirt and $9.99 tropical-themed “capri” knit pants from Rite Aid (K also got a t-shirt, but in navy), we settled in for the night. In the midst of my slumber, right outside of our door, I vaguely heard conversations involving the words “big problem” and “police”.


Fortunately, as a native Los Angeleno (though Seattle’s softened me up quite a bit), I was unfazed and quickly drifted back to sleep. We all snoozed like babies despite the ongoing drama outside and nothing untoward happened to us. It turned out to be a really, really fun weekend. But I didn’t sew the dress I had cut out for K so I’m sharing a different dress today.

I’ve named this the “Galaxy Maxi” and it was a hasty cobbling of knit fabric for K’s birthday, which was a month ago. Impossible. I will never understand how time disappears. If you recall, this was her requested design for her birthday dress:


Mmmmm, didn’t really nail it:


That’s okay though, since K thinks it’s pretty awesome. The knit has spandex and lycra and is certainly meant for the Ice Capades, so of course, she loves it. It’s sci-fi meets loungewear.


I self-drafted an easy drop-waist, tank maxi dress, and I can officially say that knits no longer scare me.  I snapped these photos seconds before we were heading out the door to pick up her best friend so they could have a special birthday outing together. Which meant K was pretty impatient to get going, and the most she would do was spin around once for me:

galaxy-maxi5I tried to reshoot the dress, but naturally, it’s lost in the laundry black hole. Ah well, I’m happy that I got the dress done in time and though I didn’t meet the design specifications, it just goes to show you that if you use cool fabric (from here, by the way, and it was very affordable too!), it’s all good.

18 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Galaxy Maxi

    1. Thanks Greta! I’ve come to learn that the type of knit makes a huge difference. I tend to have trouble with all cotton jersey, but if there’s a little rayon or Lycra or spandex, it’s much easier to handle. Some poly-rayon jersey knits have great drape and isn’t as finicky as well. A serger/overlocker is also extremely handy 🙂

  1. Sanae! You are particularly funny today! I loved this post so much! I’m pretty sure I was smiling the entire time I was reading it. Also I meant to comment on Friday’s post that K’s poem was really amazing. Girl’s got skillz. Just like her mama!

    1. Ha, it was a hilarious weekend that made the telling of it so fun. And yes, my little girl is a wonder 🙂 – thank you, a Rachel!

    1. 🙂 I aim to please – you should have seen my face when we walked into the motel room. Comic gold, I tell you. Thanks, Ute!

  2. my first thought as the top photo loaded was how much older K looks! Not sure why . . . combo of maxi dress and sassy shorter hair? Either way, definitely third grade ready:)
    As always, love your stories:) Would I have loved seeing you in a dung-colored tshirt and tropical capris! A new look for you:) Glad it was a fun, spontaneous weekend and you were able to step away from the book. Such times are the memory-makers!

    1. She does look so much older these days, Lucinda! She had a growth spurt this summer and because she’s a voracious reader, she has this crazy advanced vocabulary. I think being an only child makes her act a little older too…sometimes I have a hard time believing she’s only eight! And yes, I was rocking the tee and capris like nobody’s business 😉

    1. Me too, Em, me too. Things sounded pretty hairy outside our door and a few sordid scenarios flitted through my mind, but I was too sleepy to get worked up 🙂

  3. I love the new galaxy dress! It looks really simple and stylish. And the maxi factor is a winner for girls too.

    Sounds like a fun weekend.

    1. It’s been a hit and is worn pretty frequently, so it’s always in the wash. It seems like all K wants lately are maxi skirts and dresses! Thanks, Max!

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