Monday Outfit: A Little Lace, A Little Boho + Giveaway! [CLOSED]


Good morning! Has it really been two weeks? It’s all a muddled blur in my mind now and I’m still racing against the clock to get stuff done, but I’m happy to report that I’ve been working hard behind the scenes, but I’ve been playing hard too (in a boringly wholesome way, I should clarify – no tossing back of jagermeister jello shots or misguided pole dancing involved).


I have a lot to share, but for today, I’m going to focus on this li’l outfit. It’s from this new book I got as part of my birthday stash:


I’m officially in love with this book. I want to make every single thing from it, and what with the hubbub of back-to-school ads inundating me at every turn, I may just try to sew exclusively from this book for the next few weeks — my newly minted eight-year-old needs a bunch of Fall clothes. The book has a wide range of adorable woven and knit patterns and some good solid basics along with pure frivolity like a faux fur vest. Who doesn’t love a good fur vest?

But more on the book later. K and I browsed through it together, and I asked her if anything struck her fancy. She immediately stopped me on this page:


“But can you make the skirt extra long? With that pink fabric from Ba-chan?” she asked. But of course.


The pink fabric from Ba-chan turned out to be a rather small piece, and I had to make quite a few adjustments, but it was as though this skirt was meant to be made from this bright textile with a distinctly ethnic/boho vibe. Except for a two-inch strip I had to cut to straighten the fabric, I used the entire thing. Here are the changes I made:

– I had to turn the fabric crossgrain to get the length she wanted (i.e. imagine that each of those shapes is a jeweled sweet potato – the “correct” way to use the fabric is to have them line up side by side wider than it is tall, how a potato would naturally rest on a surface; instead, the way I used the fabric makes it look like all the potatoes are magically held upright). I also used the wrong side facing outward because the other side had a lot more flourishes and busy design elements.


– I kept the more decorative section you see above straight grain and lengthened this section by about an inch too.

– The fabric is quite sheer (a cotton voile, maybe?) so I added a quick poly lining. K loves the extra swishiness the lining gives the skirt. I was displeased by how the elastic kept shifting in the casing, so I ended up zigzag stitching the elastic to the casing at the top to secure it. Not the most elegant solution, but it works.


As for this charming lace-trimmed top, swiss dot was the obvious choice. I’ve had this pretty white summery-ness for a long time…I have a thing for sheer fabrics, I’ve realized, and to keep the top from immodesty, I underlined the front cross-over pieces with the same swiss dot fabric. Easy. The cotton lace is also from my mom, and wouldn’t you know it, I had just enough for the top. Kismet all over the place.



K’s super happy with this ensemble and it warranted a dance.

littlelace-littleboho7 littlelace-littleboho8

So. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking these last few days, and I had to make some choices. Working on two books is an honor and a privilege, but I’m no Beyonce, and my 24 hours is sadly inadequate for my to-do list, which I’m sure is about 1/10,000th of Beyonce’s.

But not keeping up the blog space is a little like asking me to stop shaving my legs – smooth legs are not strictly an evolutionary necessity, but it’s part of my non-negotiable routine (and you know how I love my routines) and somehow it makes me feel more put together and better in a general sense. Plus I have the kind of overactive follicles that require strict maintenance, and things tend to spiral out of control quickly. I’m afraid that once I stop, I’ll be so overwhelmed that I’ll just give up and let myself have yeti legs, so the extra effort is totally worth it to me even in the dead of winter. I wish I could have come up with a deeper, classier analogy, but this pretty much represents my state of mind: scattered and a bit off the mark and obsessed with hair. My goal is to test out a Monday-Wednesday-Friday blog schedule for the rest of the year (my final manuscript for the sewing book is due December 15th). Let’s see how this works, shall we?

I almost forgot! The giveaway! See how out of practice I already am? Due to a series of circumstances, I ended up with an extra copy of this lovely book I’m planning to sew a lot from. I don’t need two copies, naturally, so I thought one of you would like it?

To enter the giveaway, please leave me a comment with your best stress-busting tactics. Are you a yogi? A meditator? A cleaning machine? Baking used to be my favorite way to de-stress, but the caloric overload added more stress so I’ve cut way back on it. I still hate to exercise, but I’m slowly incorporating it more regularly.

The giveaway will be open until this Thursday, August 14th and I’ll announce the winner the next day. International participants are welcome, of course! Good luck!

P.S. I’m catching up on comments….thank you for all the loveliness!

89 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: A Little Lace, A Little Boho + Giveaway! [CLOSED]

  1. I have found that sometimes the best thing I can do for stress is get a good night’s sleep. As counter productive as it feels, I actually end up being more productive the next day. When I lie down, if I have a list running in my head of everything I need to do, I turn the light back on and write them all down. It is the getting to bed that is the hard part. Love the outfit!

  2. I adore the outfit. I can see why she is doing the happy jiggle dance… I would too! Your mom sources the awesome fabric, and kudos to you for being able to “interpret” it into something totatlly wearable πŸ™‚

    My stress always seems to be from too many things to do or have to think through, and everything gets jumbled in a mess if kept in my head. My best stress buster is to stick a piece of paper on a wall (using pretty washi tape as its no good combating stress without eye candy) and have several lists of things to do/think about, with sub-points of how to get there and timelines etc. I add to and subtract from the lists as I go along. Its like a mind map without the cloud diagrams. E.g. I might think of a problem, write that down, work on something else that is more urgent, but find of a solution while on something else. Rather than dump what I am working on, I just list the solution and know that its there when I get to it. Crossing off my achievements is such a good feeling it keeps me motivated.

  3. LOVE the outfit! Perfect for an 8-yo!

    I read somewhere that if you take about 30 seconds and actually LOOK at something beautiful it changes your body chemistry, lowers your blood pressure, etc etc. I don’t know if that part is true, but it actually works to make me feel so much more at peace, so if I’m feeling stressed I try to remember to pay attention, and take that 30 seconds when I see something lovely – the mist in the morning, a beautiful sunset, the night sky, flowers in the garden, a happy baby, the list is endless.

  4. I breathe deep breaths….a lot of deep breaths. And click my pen when I’m thinking. Bothers everyone around me, but there is something fabulous about releasing negative stress energy into a pen clicker.

  5. That blouse is adorable. I am so in love with it.
    Ahh..stress. It helps me to write a list. Pen and paper list. Something about writing it helps..even if i don’t look at it again. I knit to help me de-stress long as the pattern isn’t complicated then it can be very relaxing. Also..I eat a small piece of chocolate or make some tea. Sometimes both.
    Thank you for the giveaway! That book looks awesome.

  6. Your K has great style!

    For the big stuff I try to de-stress by not worrying about it. I try to accept that if I do all I can do, then what should happen will happen, and that I will be able to handle what comes. My husband is quite a worrier and I’ve found that having faith that hard work will pay off makes for a better balance in our lives. For smaller stresses( like camping last week) I use lists that I can check off. I make lists just to check them off and feel like I am making accomplishments towards my goals–it makes me feel good!

  7. Beautiful outfit as always! The MWF blog schedule sounds like a great way to keep up with what you love and maintain a schedule for the book.

    It depends on what type of stress I have but I tend try to get one major accomplishment done in the early morning. Whether it be a task (usulaly a writing assignment) at work or getting some exercise in the early hours before sunrise. That way I feel I have one thing completed in the day if some other random things come up and distract me from my “to do” list.

  8. I am glad you’re back and that your legs are smooth again! I don’t know how to destress, but looking at what you have to do and the relative suggestions, I see that your work must be done alone and these destress techniques are often solitary. Maybe a break and get outside and see some people?

    I like the outfit you made, but your talk of “back to school” has me a bit stressed.

  9. Doubtful that my stress busting tactic is actually healthy for me in the long run, but I’m a take-a-nap-to-hide-from-it-all kind of girl. Actually, this is probably just a procrastinating technique πŸ™‚

    I love a long walk as well. Maybe a long walk and then a nap?!

    Welcome back and the top is perfect for K.

  10. To de-stress, I have to go “do” something. Anything I enjoy. Sewing, running, reading, whatever. I guess its more of a distraction from the stress, but for now it works.
    I LOVE that skirt material. I saw some Indian sari fabrics on Amazon & it reminds me of those with the bright color & lovly print.

  11. Beautiful outfit! I’ve also ordered that book. Love its winter coats. I have great ambition to tackle Japanese with my very mature Chinese. My stress… Mostly comes from the ever-so-long to-do-list I’m constantly making, and the shortage of time. So the best way for me is to get things done, one at a time. I enjoy the feeling of crossing out a finished task on the list. Doesn’t sound very relaxing, does it :-s

  12. The whole outfit is gorgeous but I especially love the top. I de-stress by cooking or sewing, since those are pretty solitary activities that require some amount of concentration. Also, wine.

  13. I agree with the reading and sewing. Mostly just something different that gives me a mental break.

  14. I absolutely love that outfit. I would wear it myself any day of the week. I still bake a fair amount to de-stress, but knitting is my #1 de-stressing agent. There’s something about hands being busy in a way that only uses part of my brain power that allows me to relax and breath. Although during a particularly stressful time this Spring, I needed hands busy and ALL of my brain power engaged as well, so I would STOP THINKING! For that I turned to sewing garments for myself. Sewing is not second nature yet for me and so it requires a lot of thought.

  15. The best way to make me feel better is to break a sweat. Nothing makes me feel better than a slow sweaty run with the dog through the woods. But I don’t get to do that very often because my husband works an opposite schedule and I can’t abandon the children…even when they are why I want to run through the woods.

    So sometimes I just crank some favorite songs and clean up. That helps too.

    And I LOVE that outfit. I’d love to make an identical outfit for my girl. I even have an old sari that would work perfectly for the skirt.

  16. Lovely skirt. My 7 year old really wants long skirts too. I suppose they feel more glamorous, though that doesn’t really fit with her bike riding, tree climbing lifestyle. Anyway, my way to de-stress is to get outside. I also live in Seattle and this summer has been perfect for outdoor activities. I like to run, bike, walk and hike. Outdoor time and sleep are very important.

  17. When I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed I pick a closet – any closet – pull it all out then sort, toss, redistribute, and finally reorganize and reload. It does wonders for my mental state. Just knowing that, behind that one door, things are calm, helps me feel calm.

  18. I have two major stress busters, bellydancing and chocolate! I figure that calorie wise they cancel each other out? I love K’s little white top, I want one for me!

  19. Ahh . . . seeing a new post from you is the perfect way to start my week:) So glad the blog break has been productive for you, and I think your new proposed schedule is great. But even if that gets to be too much, please don’t hesitate to do what’s right for you!
    And loving this book as much as you, I of course think K’s new outfit is amazing. Great idea to line the top. My youngest has been begging me to make her a maxi skirt, so she would be a huge fan of K’s. I think the fabric is really fun too, and looks crisp against the white blouse.
    This is such a great give-away! Almost makes me wish I didn’t already have the book so I could enter and experience it again for the first time:) You will make someone very happy with this book!

  20. I am full of admiration for your ability to just get things done! That book looks absolutely fabulous and I can picture my little girl in all of it. I am English but have a Japanese husband so one of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog is for the glimpses of Japan through western eyes -all fascinating to me!

    As for stress-busting, my first thing is to hand write a list. For making me feel strong and capable I recommend a spin class but for just deflecting my mind, I do a jigsaw. It is impossible to fret or think of anything else while searching for a particular piece of the puzzle!

    By the way, what age are the books you are writing aimed at?

    With every good wish,

  21. i have two different ways of de-stressing. the first is to go for walks out in nature away from the busy noisy life, in fact one of my most favourite places is the isle of mull. my husband and i spent two weeks there walking through whatever weather and just seeing nature in all its richness. highly recommended!
    my second stress buster has to be knitting a simple project but something that allows my brain to rest or to process life without the build up of too much information.
    all the very best with your books and hope you find some time for yourself to feel refreshed and renewed.

  22. I try to lay in bed for about a half an hour in the morning and just think about my day. Then I focus on the things that absolutely have to be done and plan to take care of those first. I like to know exactly what I’m going to do before I get out of bed and get distracted by everything the kids need.

  23. Oh my what a lovely outfit you made for your daughter! I really, really like the top!
    My way to let go of stress varies with the time of year. In summer, I like to sit outside and watch my kids play, listen to birds singing and the summer breeze through the tree tops. In autumn, I like to go out to walk, sniff the fresh, earthy air, look at the changing colors of the trees and listen to the knispering sound of dry leaves under my feet. In winter time I love to cuddle up under a blanket, read a book, zip my tea or hot chocolate and crochet a little. And in springtime I can really enjoy hanging my laundry outside, open all the windows and breathe in the fresh spring air. I think it just comes down to let go of everything and enjoy nature and my children…


  24. LOVE this outfit! As with every single thing you sew….
    I’m always looking for new japanese sewing inspiration – LOVE that style!

    Stress……….CROSSFIT and NETFLIX.

  25. I am not a stress-busting expert. Running makes me happy. When things get overwhelming, lists seem to help. I think that is the best I’ve got- hopefully another comment will give you some helpful ideas.

  26. What a beautiful outfit! The best way for me to destress is to clear everybody out of the house for a couple hours and get some things crossed off my list. Especially the little things that I’ve procrastinated about for some reason. That usually involves phone calls and scheduling appointments and things that involve making decisions. Decisions have been killer for me lately and I find I can do it if no one is around to distract me.

  27. That is a super cute outfit! Kudos to K for picking that skirt fabric & wanting a long skirt, because it looks great.

    My favorite way to de-stress is to bother my dog. Sometimes I’ll take her for a walk, sometimes I’ll just sit next to her and pet her – either way, her cuteness and simple joy in life makes me feel better. Plus, sometimes I get puppy kisses, and that makes me laugh.

  28. When I am stressed out, I like to have my own time and space. I like sewing and that helps, but sleeping makes me feel better and more relaxed. I was curious about the book too. I will be so happy to have the book. There are a lot of cute practical everyday clothes. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck on you books.

  29. (1) Be careful how you allot caffeine throughout the day. I can drink caffeine like crazy (coffee or tea) but then I get too jittery and anxious. That makes me worse and I think things are spiraling out of control! 2 cups in the morning and then I stop. The 3rd cup will put me over the edge. Some tea in the afternoon but I got to make sure I don’t drink it too late in the afternoon. This takes discipline but I do feel better if I’m careful how much caffeine I drink. And there’s always tomorrow!
    (2) Sometimes I feel so guilty about all the projects I’m working on. But it’s only me that’s manufacturing the guilt and nobody else is blaming me. Sure, I have lots of piles of projects but I put away the guilt and I’m happy what I currently have in my hands.

    I would love how you make a garment from start to finish! Every time you post something it seems so effortless!

  30. oh em gee that outfit is BEAUTIFUL! Perfect on K, too. Now I really want to check out that book! When I’m stressed I definitely start cleaning. Cleaning also works great as a procrastination technique πŸ™‚ It’s pretty much the only time I actually do deep cleaning. I don’t love exercise, but I do find that regular exercise preempts stress. Good luck on all your book projects!

  31. The book looks amazing, as evidenced by your outfit for K.
    I think to de-stress I need to actually do something about the things that are making me stressed. If I have work building up the only way to feel better about it is to clean my workspace and get into it. I have to force it at first, but then I feel so much better once things start moving. Good luck with the new schedule and your manuscript. You can do it!

  32. So happy to see a post from you this morning. Love the outfit and fabric choices….as usual. I also enjoy when your mother comes for a visit. Please let her know that I secretly wish she had a blog of her own. I’m pretty sure I would love it as much as I do yours.
    De-stress… it used to be naps or a bath, depending on the time of day. But with 3 busy kids I don’t get much of either. Unfortunately, I’m no help.

  33. I try to embrace stress. Stress equals busy and doing lots of important things! To help destress I try to wake up early and prioritize. In a pinch, pulling an all nighter and banging out lots of my to-dos helps!! Best of luck!

  34. I’ve probably said this before, but I manage work-related stress by breaking up a big goal into workable chunks. If I have to edit 100 pages in 10 days, that means I have to edit 10 pages per day, which means I must edit at least 1.5 pages per hour, and so forth. I might check every half day to make sure I’m on track (and on a bad day, I’ll check every 30-60 min).

    I also give myself some wiggle room – if I didn’t get all 10 pages done in the day, then I have a buffer of night time or weekend time to get caught up, and I rarely let myself get so far behind that I can’t catch up. (Husband certainly covers for me wrt childcare when I am working from home, too.) However, if the job is so overwhelming, I’ll know very quickly because I’m off schedule (and it was an unrealistic deadline from the get-go), then I notify the relevant parties ASAP to let them know that it’s not going to be done on their desired time frame.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

  35. first of all, i love this outfit!! perfect fabric choices and good call on the maxi length, K! it looks amazing on her, especially with her summer tan. i either sew or work out to de-stress. lately i’ve been playing futsal on a team once a week and nothing knocks away the cobwebs and tension like scoring a goal, i’ll tell ya! i can’t really just “go for a run,” i need to do something that takes my mind completely off my stressors for a while. sort of like hitting reset. i do like yoga too though. πŸ™‚

  36. I love this outfit, the top is definitely inspiring for a big girl too ! And I always love long skirts, so romantic !
    I wish my daughter loves this look too, in case I would win this book πŸ˜‰

  37. K’s top is so pretty I’d love one for me! As for de stressing I hadn’t tbought about it but I tend to de clutter and tidy our family room it gives me sense of control. Oh and whe the laundry basket is empty that’s good too except that it’s generally full again the next day! I don’t know how my kids manage it. Glad you’re back with us I’ve missed your posts. πŸ™‚

  38. A great way to de-stress for me is to go for a walk – 20mins or so in the sunshine does wonders!

  39. What a cool outfit! I love the photo from the book too. My stress busting tactics are hauling bags of our stuff to the charity thrift store (a cleaner home for a cleaner mind), and box wine.

  40. With three young kids, plus a job, I have about zero time for stress reduction, even though it is sorely needed! Reading works well for me, but I find it hard to put a book down to attend to life. I’ve actually had really good success lately with mushroom supplements (I take a blend, but reishi is good too). I’m so looking forward to school starting (for two out of three kids at least) so I’ll have some breathing room in my schedule again.

  41. I looove that outfit! I think the magical sweet potatoes turned out better than the as-is sweet potato! And the top is gorgeous.
    So my stress busting involves sewing. or if I can’t muster the will to do that, I’m looking through my sewing books for continuous inspiration. A new one like this would be perfect, especially since they closed my only local source for japanese sewing books!

  42. If I have a lot of stress, nothing beats a good, hard workout or run. I like to zone out and just go! Of course sewing is also a big de-stressor for me but it’s also not my day job πŸ™‚

  43. I adore this outfit! I may have to make one in a grown up size!

    Lately I have been knitting to blow off steam but a good run around also works πŸ™‚

  44. Wine. Wine is the best stress buster there is. That, and some good tickle time with my baby usually does it for me πŸ™‚

    I love K’s bohemian skirt. She has great taste!

  45. Making lists, eating candy, dreaming of next projects, and shopping for fabric online. Click click, crunch crunch. Very bad. Very true.

  46. I absolutely loved this post. It made me laugh, smile, and admire your beautiful and stylish sewing all at once! K looks absolutely gorgeous in that outfit. The top especially is to die for and I wish I could wear one just like it.

    I know you said exercise is not your fave, and I used to be in the same camp. BUT this year I got into jogging/running and I really love the way that it helps clear my head. As a musician I often feel really nervous before performances but I find that if I go for a run on the afternoon of, it helps to clear the cobwebs and freshen me up mentally. I think my favourite thing about it is that it seems to help me see the bigger picture outside of my own nervousness. I wonder if a brisk walk would do the same trick?

    Glad you are back to blogging, I missed you!

  47. cleaning. or yelling. haha. or taking deep breaths in the shower. or a good brisk walk. probably a good night’s sleep, too!

  48. Absolutely stunning outfit Sanae – K looks gorgeous. I would love to win a copy of this lovely book!

    Sewing is definitely a sanity-saver for me, but I don’t know how much of a de-stresser it really is. I find gardening very therapeutic – getting down in the dirt and pulling out weeds or (perhaps more excitingly) planting seeds and watching them grow (not minute by minute, obviously – patience is required!). There is always so much to admire and appreciate in a garden: birds, flowers, the many shades of green, the smell of herbs.

  49. I love this little ensemble, girly & a little bit grown up all in one!
    Sewing is my stress reliever – no matter how busy my week gets, if I squeeze in a little machine time I’m much nicer to be around….

  50. Just got to know your blog recently from Besotted (something about a book as well?), love your sewing skills! I’ve been dabbling more into sewing lately, time really is a rare and swiftly-used commodity. When I sit down at my sewing table, it’s time to head to bed before I turn into a brain-sucking zombie the next day.

    I usually wash the dishes as a way to calm down (my mom is thankful for this, she finds it kind of stressful looking at the greasy dishes). Odd but when I wash I let my hands just go round the dish, and it will water, soap and rinse itself without me thinking. I’d just zone out and weirdly enough that relaxes me.

  51. Beautiful craftsmanship as always, even with limited fabric. The book looks great, especially the dress with elasticated waist gets me motivated to sew again after baby. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Anyhow, my best stress-busting tactic is talking/venting to my husband. I can be totally open to him without fear of being judged. He always gives rational advices, understanding, and love. If that fails, a bottle of beer and and bucket of KFC might work too…lol.

  52. Love the outfit and so happy you’re back!
    I find the best way for me to de-stress when I’m at home with my children is to rearrange the furniture in my living room. They say a change is as good as a holiday πŸ™‚ chocolate usually help too.

  53. Wow, I love the skirt and the outfit is just gorgeous!
    My own way to relax is to sew… I empty me mind and just focus on the sewing when I sew. Otherwise I take regular yoga class in the early morning and I always feel in a relaxed and happy mood for the rest of the day! By the way, I can’t wait to see you book!

  54. Beautiful outfit! I want one for me!

    My favorite way to de-stress is dessert with the husband! Not figure-friendly but sometimes that’s what it takes.

    Also, so happy that you’re back from your blogging break!

  55. I do yoga, but my real stress buster is sewing. It just relaxes me seeing something come together. I love the process and the product. Before I complete one project I am already thinking of the next. My daughter says she is glad I have a hobby. It is more .. it is peaceful and joyful feeling.

  56. I do something to treat myself, like go for a massage or a pedicure. Or take 2 hours off to walk around downtown by myself and browse pretty things and have coffee and a sandwich in a coffee shop.

  57. yoga definitely is one of my favorite stress busters. others include going for a walk through a natural area or sitting on the beach listening to the waves without lots of folks around me. i mainly need alone time.

  58. The top and skirt suit her very well , they have a distinct Oriental feel to them. Unsurprisingly , I, like most of your other readers, de-stress by sewing . I find that a good boring almost patternless knitting project ( read ribbed scarf) is also a great way to bust stress.

  59. omg, K’s outfit is truly gorgeous, super hip and modern – I wish I had one of those!

    I think I cannot do much to de-stress other than working on or resolving what is stressing me – once it is done/fixed/dealt with, I can take longer deeper breaths. I guess working out might help, but I think I would need music or podcasts to make it work (otherwise, I would just keep thinking about what was worrying me).

    Thank you for the giveaway, the book seems to be have beautiful inspiring clothes!

  60. Great outfit! My destressors are running and going to the gym (although on a hiatus right now doing some physical therapy…), long walks in nature (we live near the Bothell part of the Burke Gilman trail), sewing, knitting… I guess anything I can do alone. Right now being with other people too much is what stresses me out!

  61. Gorgeous outfit, love the strong pink against the white lace!
    Depends on my level of stress, sometimes I really need to go outside, breath for 10 minutes and then come back, eat a chocolate! Sometimes I just need to to count to 10 and eat a chocolate and there are other times I just need the chocolate. πŸ˜‰

  62. Jassooo! So good to see you back and I am happy to be able to leave a comment again! Your new blogging schedule sounds like a good idea, I hope it will work out for you and your blog posts will be even more special πŸ™‚
    KΒ΄s outfit is so beautiful, sheΒ΄s got great taste and a great mama to fulfil her ideas!
    For stress busting or dealing with difficult situations reading is always the best and works every time. Probably because I have been doing it all my life. Something happens to my brain when I am caught in a book…it relaxes and a lot of the time solutions will come to me while I read or I will notice that my feelings have calmed or changed.

  63. sitting alone and looking through pinterest is one thing I like to do! Another is actually sewing!

  64. I love walking to destress. Sewing and knitting are also therapeutic. This is such a sweet book. I love it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. I pray to destress. putting everything in God’s hands lifts so much of a burden off of my shoulders. Beautiful outfit! My daughters would love it, and I have some fabric from their obaachan to use, too!

  66. I’m so glad to see you here again- I’ve missed you! The outfit is gorgeous and K looks so grown up with that long skirt. You are so talented (not just in sewing!). I can’t wait to read your book. To really relax, I like to take a hot bath with bath salts, a book, crappy magazines, some cookies and a big glass of very cold Coke. Since having kid that has become much more difficult but if I do get around to it it is an absolute luxury (I usually wait until my little girl is in bed). I hope you find a good routine that works for you and I’ll be delighted to read your blog posts however sporadic or often they may be!

  67. I love to ride my big old heavy turquoise bike around the neighborhood in the evening all by myself to de-stress. Biking with the kids and hubby is fun, but biking alone with the cool evening air on my cheeks and the quiet of my own thoughts makes me feel like a teenage girl again.

  68. I have no magic stressbuster…if you do find one, please share…I could surely use it
    Is it my imagination or has K suddenly shot up…she’s looking very much the young lady in these pics.

  69. Welcome back! Love K’s outfit – it’s gorgeous.
    I find making lists makes me feel more in control and less stressed.
    Sewing helps too πŸ™‚

  70. The top and dress go great together! By the way, I just bought Stylish Dress book for Β£8.00 ish including postage from The Book Depository, and loving it- just need to decide what to sew, now. Just been drooling over the photos so far! (You might remember I messaged you ages ago re Japanese sewing books.) Keep up the good work, Linda

  71. Wow! Love the top and the trousers, great outfit! I relax by hand quilting my king size quilt I started four years ago!

  72. WOW!!!! beautiful pictures Sanae, and that top!!! I have made so much stuff from this book already and yes you are right the book its amazing, I bought as soon as it came out. The skirt and the color of it is so pretty, I wish I could dress like that too.

    You can see some of the stuff I made from this book here:

    I just got back from a long 6 week trip and I think I will try this one you made for K. I love how everything you make turns out so perfect and always makes me want to sew more!! Have a nice Thursday and happy sewing!!!

  73. It used to be food, baking or eating, but now… It’s a walk. Usually without a destination and only for 10-20 mins, but almost everyday…

    Boring but effective – you breathe easier for the whole day.

    Good luck!

  74. I love the outfit!

    I exercise to relieve stress, but I’ll be the first to admit that it doesn’t happen enough. I think part of why this works is my need for quiet. I live with 2 people who love to talk and make noise, and I really notice how much silence revives me.

  75. I love this combo- so pretty and feminine and strong!

    I used to meditate as a daily practice on a regular basis and I need to incorporate even a few minutes into my everyday schedule as it really does bust the stress like only a (peace loving) super warrior can. That said- even rusty and out of practice- having the experience with meditation gives me resources to call upon when I’m ready to lose it; the reminder to not get clingy and attached to whatever emotion or thought arises has helped me through some pretty tough spots over the years.

    Running and cycling are my recent go to stress reducers. Exercise is amazing ! Whatever crazy frame of mind I might be in melts away as soon as I get my heart pumping!

  76. Darling outfit! Love the white shirt with the hot pink skirt!
    A brisk walk in the morning works for me. It helps the day fall into place.

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