Monday Outfit: Nautical Knit Halter


Good morning! It’s so good to be back. We had a fantastic vacation, but there’s nothing quite like home. I’m still suspended somewhere between west coast and east coast time zones, and am feeling a bit foggy, but I’m eager to get into productivity mode.

So did you know that it’s KCW week this week? I didn’t. At least not until late last night. That’s how out of touch I’m becoming with the general sewing interwebs. What with frenetic book deadlines and all, I’m barely keeping up with regular life. Luckily, I happened to make something for K this weekend, so I can pretend that I’m participating in the Kids Clothes Week fun.


Realistically, this tiered knit halter is probably all I’m going to be able to manage this week. Our time in Indiana made me realize that K needs more summery clothes and I’ve been on the lookout for quick ones to sew up. This top requires only four rectangles and 6 pieces of elastic so I was immediately sold. The pattern is from this book. You know how I love easy peasy patterns and I was sure that this wouldn’t take more than an hour…wrong.


It’s cute, right? I love anchors and am a die hard polka dot fan, so when you put the two together, you just can’t go wrong. I got this fun cotton knit from here, and I only had a yard of this so I had to shorten the length by about 4 inches. It’s still plenty long, and I also preserved precious inches by not bothering to hem the bottom. I actually like the way it looks un-hemmed.


It’s cleverly constructed: the bottom tier is sewn right side out on top of the upper tier (also with right side out), with the straps sandwiched in-between. Once sewn, you flip the bottom tier inwards to encase the raw edges, and then you can sew casings for the elastic by sewing through both the upper and lower tiers. That probably sounded like gobbledygook, but what I’m trying to say is that I got confused and messed up, and there are few things I hate more than seam-ripping knit zigzag stitches. I always end up with holes and can’t find the stitches.


So this easy peasy top that should have taken no more than an hour took me closer to three, and to my horror, K complained that the shirred part was too itchy and started walking around with it pulled way down, looking very indecent.

She got used to it pretty quickly though, thank goodness, and agreed to keep her “boopies” covered up. Whew.

The shorts, by the way, I made a while back…it doesn’t get a lot of wear because it’s in the dreaded shorts-that-look-like-skirts category, but I convinced her that it was the only pair I could find to match the top:



Doesn’t she look like she’s being tossed at sea in the image above? The basket was K’s idea and she meant it to be a boat to go with the nautical theme. This, of course, was the grand finale to the photo shoot:


I’m pretty sure she has the genetic marker for a flying squirrel…Anyway, that’s all for today!


8 thoughts on “Monday Outfit: Nautical Knit Halter

  1. I love this outfit Sanae how big she looks here! This post got my attention because last Friday i took my daughter for a hair cut and she got a bob cut and she looks like your daughter. We are spending our summer in Central America for six weeks and the heat here is unbearable!!! The four of us sleep with tank tops and undies and two fans going all night!!!! I have this book too, but Half Moon Bay doesn’t always has hot summer weather, I should have done this one for this trip!!! Happy monday!!!

    1. She does look so much older, doesn’t she? Central America for six weeks sounds exciting, Patty! Enjoy, and hope you can stay cool!

  2. Oh, I love your little sailor and her awesome prop suggestions:) The basket totally works! Glad you finally managed to work out the confusing instructions as this top is totally worth the effort – cool and stylish. And I wanted to tell you that I managed to swing by District Fabrics too while I was in Fremont – so glad you had mentioned it! Loved it, and found the prices good. Really enjoyed talking with the owner who was super sweet. Didn’t see this particular print there but did find a nice blue and white stripe knit which may be showing its face this KCW:)

    1. Oh yay, I’m so glad you liked District! They have great apparel stuff. The top will probably significantly easier now that I’ve made it once; thanks, Lucinda! 🙂

  3. This whole outfit is really great and her haircut looks really good , my girl is in a will not cut phase – so wish she would get a bob -shorter is so much easier than everyday hair brushing dramas .

    1. Thank you, Lisa! The shorter hair has reduced our morning drama significantly — I hope your girl changes her mind because it really does make hair maintenance so much more pleasant 🙂

  4. Oh, that’s the cutest haircut ever… the hair I always wanted/still want!! Adorable top- love the print. And the shorts are so great- I wonder if my girl would wear something like these- she (and I!) both hate shorty shorts- which are pretty much all the stores carry- I better get sewing! Really cute, Sanae!

    1. Oh man, I was in Target the other day getting travel-size stuff, and I couldn’t get over the clothes for girls. So scandalous! The bikinis especially were outrageous. I hope E or C would be willing to wear these types of shorts, I think they’re so charming. 🙂 Thanks, Erin!

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