Happy Friday + Radomness


Happy Friday! I’m going strong with Me-Made-May, though I do combine handmade items with the few store-bought clothes I still own.

Here’s a round up of week 2-ish:

Day 6: Renfrew Bamboo Top (worn with RTW yoga pants)

Day 7: Black Simplicity 2365 Tunic + Black Gingers

Day 8: Moss Green Linen Jacket (I wore the same outfit but with me-made jeans) + Indigo Gingers

Day 9: Self-drafted knit dress (shown above – this was yet another prototype for the dress included in my book and the photo is from at least a year ago)

Day 10: Indigo Simplicity 0403/2147 top + Indigo Gingers

Day 11: Lace + Geometric Knit Tank + RTW boyfriend jeans

Day 12: Navy and Black Stripey Tee + RTW shorts

I whipped up a little sketch, just because:


In other news, we’re in month four of the carless life, and I think we’ve found a pretty decent groove. Mostly it’s a combo of walking and taking the bus with the occasional Car2Go. Uber, for some reason, didn’t work that great for me because the app was ridiculously slow on my phone, though M uses it sometimes. M and I are talking about the dreaded car hunt in a month or two (not my favorite activity), but for now the weather’s been so amazing in Seattle, I’m thoroughly enjoying walking everywhere.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

Ahhh, I’m so ready
for Saturday and Sunday
with zero events*

*It’s so lovely to have a few breather weekends without events – I have a few coming up towards the end of the month and in June so I’m going to relax as though I’m a carefree retiree for the next couple of days!

P.S. Thank you for all the wonderful tea recommendations for the giveaway post! I love them!


Happy Friday + Randomness



Happy Friday! I’ve been a bit obsessed with this new series of illustrations I created for the Art Walk at Drygoods (I’m typing this before the actual event so I don’t know if anyone will end up showing up, but just having the chance to participate was awesome. Thank you, Keli!). Over the years of experimenting with different kinds of illustrations, I’ve decided that painting anthropomorphic animals is at the top of the favorites list. I mean, a foxy seamstress, a wise quilter, a big-horned knitter and an elephant tailor — I want to keep adding to the series! Perhaps I can include spinning, weaving, scrapbooking, gardening…so many options! I will definitely be updating my etsy shop with these and more on that later.


On the Me-Made-May front, I’ve completely neglected taking photos, but I have been wearing something handmade every day. Here’s what I’ve donned to date:

Day 1: Gathered Linen TopIndigo Gingers

Day 2: Knit Tank Dress (not yet shared on the blog; it’s one of the prototypes I sewed for Sewing Happiness, which I wore to the Little K launch party last year. Below is a photo from when I first made the prototype a couple of years ago, and it was a sweltering, humid day when I shot this with a remote):


Day 3: Yozora Nani Iro Tank + Black Gingers

Day 4: Yoga Pants (also from my book and not yet shared on the blog)

Day 5: Skippy Dress


K got attacked by a swarm of mosquitos while playing frisbee in our front yard with friends the other night. Her legs look like something out of a horror movie, and she’s amplifying the effect with haphazardly applied gauze tape. Lucky for us, one of our neighbors and dearest friends is a dermatologist, so she happened to have some effective meds at the ready. We hope the bites will be all better before she heads out on her very first overnight trip without parents (meaning me and M — there will be an accompanying adult) this weekend. She’s going on a Portland extravaganza trip for her friend’s birthday and it sounds like it’s going to be all kinds of amazing. Portlanders, if you see a girl with mummy legs at Slappy Cakes, that’s K.


Quite a few events coming up! I’m off to go prepare, and I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

Lovely Mother’s Day
to all you Mamas out there
You are important

Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! So, we’re getting out of town and heading to Vancouver next week! K’s friend is visiting from Guatemala and on the spur-of-the-moment, we booked tickets for Amtrak plus an Air BNB, and off we go on an all-girls’ trip to Canada. One senior citizen, one middle-aged mama and two tweens. This should be interesting. We’re all about the same age mentally, so it’s going to be a blast. Due to the crazy number of things going on, we can only stay for a couple of days which means we won’t be able to hit the Harrison Hot Springs, but the place we’re staying in (Yaletown) has a pool and sauna. Fabulous.

We’ll explore Granville and fabric stores and if anyone has recommendations/suggestions, I’d love to hear! We’re looking for some good restaurants in or near downtown.

With travel and party/launch prep, etc. I’m scaling back a little and will post on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next couple of weeks, but I’ll do my best to make them extra fun posts. Happy, happy weekend everyone!

The house elves won’t stop
‘Lectric crisis and the like*
How to appease them?

*We are now experiencing electrical problemos and I keep finding baffling new ways in which the house can fall apart and other oddness. Who knew that bees would be in our lighting fixtures? I’m ready for a vacation!

Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! I’m heading into the weekend sneezing up a storm due to the bountiful pollen floating in the air. If I could ask for the moon, I would implore the allergy gods to please leave me alone. On the flip side, the blooms are breathtaking, and I love the scent that the cusp of spring brings. So fresh! Unlike the flowering beauty everywhere, I’m looking and feeling pretty rough, my friends.

If I could ask for the moon, I would also inquire after some peace and calm. My book is coming out in less than two months and the jitters have shanghai-d my normally serene (ha!) disposition.

So I’m off to hunt down and guzzle some raw apple cider vinegar to quell the ah-choos (did you know that apple cider vinegar helps with allergies?), and I’m eager to indulge in some comfort routines over the weekend to soothe my jangled nerves.

If you could ask for the moon, what would you ask for?


Cherry blossoms time
Crisp air, sunny, pretty days
I need some tissues

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. May you be allergy-free!

Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! I’ve been noticing that I like to go in cycles when it comes to making things. Right now, I’m feeling a huge resurgence of love for sewing and my sketching/painting is taking a back seat. I had a brief fling with knitting and then my enthusiasm waned, but I can tell that I’ll want to go back once the sewing bug eases up a bit. Do you find that? Are you the alternating or concurrent type? I used to think I liked to dabble in a variety of crafts at the same time, but lately I want to focus more — what is it that they call it? Single-tasking, I think.

Anyway, I painted this li’l blue-grey lady a while back with some beautiful handmade Greenleaf and Blueberry watercolors (based here in Washington!).

We had a balmy, sunny, I-want-to-run-around-without-my-winter-coat kind of day yesterday and I’m hoping for some more of those.

I’m wishing you a happy weekend!

Haiku by K:

Friday is the best
No homework I need to do
I get to relax