Happy Friday + Shades of Caramel and Creme: shirt dress/camisole dress

Happy Friday! I feel this way with every Friday post, but I am enamored with this outfit and desperately want one in my size. Though I sewed at a snail-like pace and kept making mistakes, I was able to complete the two dresses and am loving them. A light caramel-colored shirt dress over a silvery-beige-camisole dress, accented with creme. Très chic, no?

She’s holding these in her hands (left over from Halloween, and now I’m realizing that next to actual caramels, the dress is more camel-colored, but ‘shades of camel and creme’ doesn’t have as nice a ring to it).


Surprisingly, I did not use my usual pattern book this week. The shirt dress is from this and the camisole dress from this. Both are made of cotton; the shirt dress feels more like a cotton lawn, and the camisole dress is a linen-look.

I love the shirt dress. The frills, the many buttons, the little belt. I debated whether to add a contrasting color and fabric for the frills and belt, but no, I’m glad I stuck with the same fabric. It has a little bit of an Orla Kiely feel, and worn over the camisole, it looks like a pseudo-trench coat.

The camisole dress is simple yet has a slight twist in the design. The shoulder straps loop into a back seam channel and through two holes to be tied in the back – that was kind of a botch job of an explanation and it’s hard to see in the photos, I know, but trust me, it’s very cute.

Look who’s being silly.

I think I’m on the mend. I slept through the night and my headache is gone – hurrah! Hope you have a wonderful weekend friends, and stay warm!

7 thoughts on “Happy Friday + Shades of Caramel and Creme: shirt dress/camisole dress

  1. Are your books translated into English? Or are they self explanatory enough that you dont need to read the pattern? I love the clothes yourmaking but not sure I could go of the pictures alone

  2. Tres chic, indeed! And your styling – spot on as always. Along with the tights and scarf, this outfit is perfection! Love both fabric choices – that camisole dress may force me to make yet another Japanese book purchase . . . 🙂 Thank so much for sharing, and btw, completing two dresses in a week is hardly a snail’s pace in my estimation!

    1. Thank you, thank you, Lucinda! You should have seen me repeatedly ripping out seam after seam – sewing is tricky when feeling all stuffy and sick…

  3. Ooh, I *love* the color palette, and the dresses are perfect! The lines on the linen dress are so beautiful… I love the simplicity of these patterns. Glad to hear you’re on the mend! 🙂

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