Bubblicious + Happy Birthday Ba-chan!!!

The first day of school went relatively smoothly. “I’m nervous!” K exclaimed as we headed to the playground, but as soon as she saw her friends, she was back in her zone. The only hiccup happened when I went to pick her up after school. Somehow she’d accidentally followed the wrong class line and couldn’t be found for several minutes, so a moment of panic was had by all.

But the day was “totally good”, she said, and she seems excited for tomorrow. She consented to wearing the bubble dress (oh so pink), and even posed with some glittery purses.

Aaaand, today is my mom’s birthday – safe traveling, Mama! Hope you’re enjoying your whirlwind trip through Japan!

I used pattern A from the same book as this dress and this dress. I originally planned to use a burgundy linen blend, but didn’t have enough fabric. I had oodles of this polka-dotted print, though, and I love how it came out.

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