Three Ps for K

I realize that I’m milking this Valentine’s theme for all it’s worth, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m as sappy as they come. I recently found myself sobbing at the end of the movie Brave and I think K may have been embarrassed of me…

So, I had made a fleeting mention of making a tipi for K back in the, oh, pre-Christmas historic era.  And then time got away from me as it so often does, and I sneakily declared that I would make it for Valentine’s. I have now punted it for her birthday in July, for which such a massive undertaking seems appropriate.

Instead of a tipi, I opted for a much less strenuous route and assembled a little Valentine’s gift pack with a pillow and a pouch, and remembered that I had gotten her some scented pencils. Three lovely items that begin with the letter P. Perfect!

The pillow and pouch lining is this fantastic sturdy cotton. And remember the pleather monogram keychains? I used the same stuff for the pouch’s outer fabric. I still have so much of this material left. Maybe K would like a silver vest? Or a pair of pleather pants?

I didn’t use a pattern for the pillow or the pouch since I’ve made so many of these (though perhaps I should have consulted instructions because the pouch came out a little bit wonky). Once out of their plastic containers, those pencils will definitely fit inside the pouch! They’re powerfully fragrant though…maybe too fragrant to be taken out of the plastic on a regular basis…At any rate, what I love most about these pencils is that they’re made out of recycled newspapers and I was pretty excited about the mint chocolate scent because that’s K’s absolute favorite ice cream flavor.

I stuck everything into one of her toy baskets and have it cleverly disguised in my room under strategically placed (clean) laundry right now. I can’t wait for her to open it tomorrow – she’s going to love them! And hey, she can use that pillow in her tipi one day.


2 thoughts on “Three Ps for K

  1. Oh those smelly pencils! Lily Moon and Sophie were crazy for them… I would catch them doing homework just sitting there smelling them. The mint chocolate was Lily’s favorite too. 🙂

    Hmmm… vest, definitely vest…

    1. A silver vest would be very fashion-forward! P.S. Venus, I think Lily Moon is the most beautiful name (and Sophie is lovely too).

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