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Greetings from sunny L.A.

We have logged some serious hours at Disneyland this past weekend, and though it was spectacularly fun, I am wiped out. Postings will be spotty this week…

I leave you with pix of the dress I completed just before catching the plane (the same pattern as the Ooh La La Dress). K liked it so much she wore it all the way to L.A.:


Happy Friday! I’ve been painting some patterns and having fun. Off to L.A.!



Summer Mementos

Summer Mementos

Tomorrow, K and I will head out to the land of Disneyland and smog. Our last hurrah for the summer before backpacks and homework and shorter days…

It’s been a summer full of popsicles, of juicy fruit, of explosive lushness in the community garden (though through no help from me – my neighbors are the expert gardeners. Maybe next year I’ll try to actually plant something in our little section). There has been so much swimming and playing with friends and catching up with long-distance family and really fun camps. We’ve lounged and basked in the sun and complained vociferously about 90-degree weather like true Seattle folk. I don’t know if there is anywhere as beautiful as the Pacific Northwest in the summertime.

Summer is ending. But between you and me, part of me is a little thrilled that it’s almost autumn. It always feels like a fresh start, a brisk reminder to shake things up a bit.

Impromptu Art Project

A while ago, I purchased this very cool papercraft book, which I promptly whipped out when we had a free afternoon last week. However, K wanted none of it. Instead, she rummaged around the house and found some cardboard packaging and got to work decorating it. Pretty soon the paints came out, and she was barking out orders (“The hospital is here! No, that’s the amusement park!”). And lo, we have a painted city:

Painted City

This is the view from top. Here is the front view with the purple castle, orange house and white hospital.

Painted City 2

We spent several happy hours painting away and I love it.  I especially love how the top view look like abstract art and I’m tempted to blow up the photograph to hang on the wall.

I tend to like organized, structured activities, but K is teaching me that all you need to do is open your eyes, find the potential in unexpected things and get messy. It’s a sure formula for fun.




Ooh La La Dress

Ooh La La DressThis dress has everything I adore: stripes, yokes, pockets, twirlability and comfort. And doesn’t it look totally French? It’s also the first item I’ve made for K’s Fall wardrobe (if you’ve got an eagle eye, you will notice that this particular grey and blue striped number is not included in the tower of fabrics – but no matter, it was the nicest fabric to start with).

I used pattern B from this book (ISBN 978-4-579-11289-0) – I am so going to make that bubble dress too! I’m thinking burgundy linen…

Oshare Pattern Book

The best part? As soon as I finished making it, K begged me to let her wear it. It’s still a little wonky in parts so I’m going to try the pattern again with a different fabric to see if I can do a better job with the next one…stay tuned!



More scratch board love

Hope you had a fantastic weekend! Ours was full of play and the weather has finally cooled down to tolerable levels (no more sleeping in the basement, yay!)

Can’t seem to get enough of scratch art. K and I played a kind of “I spy” game with this one that I created:

Cheerful Colors


Happy Friday! I’ve been busily practicing with my gouache paints and love the cheerful colors. We’ve been enjoying quite a few macarons lately and I declare Fresh Flours to have the best flavors (earl grey, blackberry, a turquoise one that is full of vanilla goodness) after many samplings.

And who doesn’t dream of a land where a yellow brick path leads you to a pink pirate ship — though you’d have to pass a field of grazing zebras first!

house to pink pirate ship


Have a wonderful weekend!

Pen drawings – part 2

More from my sketchbook from the last few weeks. Previous sketches here.


Don't be afraid to ask for the moon

Arrow and flower

Peplum and floral pants







I was listening to Design Sponge‘s Grace Bonney talk about work/life balance today and thought there were some important things to reflect upon. I was intrigued by the glimpse I got into the professional blogging world from her perspective. The movie Happy is still my favorite in this general genre, but I liked her podcast a lot.

What makes you happy? What are your goals in life? Do you have a network of supporters? If not, how do you find them?

Questions to ponder…

Fall Color Story

Despite the fact that summer is winding down, our evenings are full of impromptu al fresco dinners and picnics at the park lately.

I’ve been planning K’s fall wardrobe and noticed that the fabric I’ve started to assemble for the massive sewing project seem to match the colors from one of our outdoor dinners. Those figs in particular have lovely autumnal shades.

Color Story

More progress to come!


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