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Dress Book Giveaway! [Closed]


It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway, hasn’t it? As it turns out, I was wildly optimistic about my ability to juggle a book, illustration clients, a blog, other secret projects to be revealed soon, and teaching. Not to mention this somewhat important factor called family. I had to hang up my cape and retire the chipped faux-superwoman badge and reassess the situation.

After some serious analysis of weighing pros and cons, I opted to let go of teaching sewing classes. Keli of Drygoods was incredibly gracious as always and has extended an open invitation for me to teach at her lovely studio when I’m ready, but for now, I’m taking a sabbatical from my short-lived career as a sewing instructor.

This means that I have a couple of extra Japanese sewing books to give away which were originally going to be part of my class. Again, in my wildly optimistic way, I was planning on providing a comprehensive translation of the steps for all the patterns to go along with the giveaway, but I was clearly delusional. BUT. The winners should definitely contact me with questions any time (in fact, I hope you all know that if a Japanese sewing book stumps you, I’m always happy to translate/help). And I mean that. Who knows? I may still have time to include translations to ship out with the books. Famous last words…


The book comes with 20 patterns, and I’ve made variations of the dress from the cover three times here and here and here. These are quick, simple and stylish dresses and come in three sizes (9, 11, 13). The 11 fits me well, and in terms of western commercial Big 4 sewing sizes, I’m between a 12 and 14.

A while ago during one of my sewing marathons, I listened to a podcast or interview or something that now escapes me, but what I do remember is this one statement: “I chose to do art because it was the one thing I knew I would never get bored or tired of. That it would always surprise me.” I chewed on that and decided that for me, writing, sewing, photography and drawing made the cut.

So, to enter the giveaway, please leave me a comment answering this question: What is something that you know you would never get bored of? More than one thing is perfectly fine too!

There will be TWO winners which I will choose randomly, and the giveaway is open until Friday, April 18th (updated!). As always, I’m happy to ship internationally. Good luck!!



Monday Outfit: Imagine Gnats Meridian Pattern + Giveaway

ig-cardi-coat1Good morning, friends! I’m not sure if the viruses are extra virulent these last few months or what, but I’ve been getting hit over and over and over. It’s starting to feel like a constant companion, this malaise. And of course, I’m the only one in the house that gets affected and M and K are cheerfully and healthily going about their days. Sigh.

But enough whinging and on to more fun topics. Not only is it the start of Kids Clothes Week winter edition today, but I also have a few sartorial treats for you. I want to preface everything with how very impressed I am with all the ladies creating beautiful independent clothing patterns out there. These talented women are running businesses and juggling family obligations and hosting delightful blog tours all the time. Amazing.


Rachael of Imagine Gnats is one such multi-tasking dynamo currently hosting one of those delightful blog tours, and her patterns are getting featured all over the sewing blogosphere. When she asked me which pattern I’d like to try, I immediately gravitated toward the Meridian for kids. A swingy cardigan and coat? Perfect! (Okay, it’s technically a jacket but I like to get a little alliteration going)


Let’s talk about the cardi first. I’ve had this great jersey knit for a couple of years now, but wasn’t certain what to make with it. It has stripes in greys and yellows on a cream background, and the stripes look almost painted. Since it’s meant to be fully lined, I used a mystery knit that has a sort of swiss dot effect for the lining. The double layer gives this cardigan a nice heft. We need hefty, cozy clothes this time of year…I really like that there are several closure options (one to four buttons) and I went with one button for that simple look for which I am a sucker.


I cut the size 7, which I suspected might be too big based on the measurements, but I think it was the right size for her. It’s a super cute and comfortable design, and K is a big fan. She’s also a fan of the corduroy coat/jacket that I decided to go ahead and make as well:


The pale blue corduroy is from my mom, and it actually had a lot of ink stains so I had to get creative with cutting out the patterns. It looked like a toddler went to town with a pen while an unsuspecting mother had her back turned. There are a few virtually indistinct marks I couldn’t avoid on the left sleeve and on the back of the collar, but I did a pretty good job of working around the stains overall. I’m sure my mom thrifted it from somewhere; it’s a sturdy fabric and the color was exactly what I had in mind. I used Martha Negley’s twigs fabric for the lining (not thrifted), and the aqua accents work well with the outer fabric. The leather buttons are also from my mom. I love the curved front with the arc of buttons.  I would say the sewing went pretty smoothly — it was a little tricky getting the lining aligned perfectly with the main fabric for some reason, but that’s probably due to the difference in stretch factor for the coat because I didn’t have any problems with the cardi (the corduroy has a bit of stretch).


All in all, an adorable coat!



And because it’s KCW week, I felt that I should make good on my plans and at least sew one thing from my list. I LOVE this reversible double-gauze (the other side is cream with grey polka dots). I love it so much that I also got the navy colorway, which I think might become an Archer shirt for me. I made the French sleeve tunic from this book, but modified it by adding an invisible zipper in the back. Unfortunately, I was at the end of my bobbin thread, and it got pucker-y. When I tried to pick the seams, the double gauze started to fall apart, so I left it as is. It could pass for ruched, no? Double-gauze is very tricky to work with, and it’s also very sheer (if you squint a little, you can see K’s handmade coral briefs — which, by the way, she is crazy about and keeps asking me to make more underwear). But comfort and breathability wise, it is probably one of my absolute favorite fabrics.

Alright, I feel like I’ve gone on long enough. Rachael is generously offering you, my dear readers, one free apparel pattern of your choosing from her shop! There are patterns for women and kids! Here’s the rafflecopter doohicky and I’ll announce the winner later this week:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also! All patterns will be 20% off in her shop for the month of january with code “januarytour”, plus they’re 50% off through the 31st – no code needed! It’s a steal! One last thing…don’t forget to check out all the other fantastic creations by other participants:


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The Crafty Kitty / Siestas & Sewing / Figgy’s

P.S. It probably goes without saying that I received a free copy of the pattern, but all opinions are completely my own.

Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! Thank you for all the kind comments about both the advent calendar and holiday tags! I am happiest making things, and wish more hours could be added to each day. Which reminds me, I just read this book and I have to tell you, I zipped through it. It’s a coming-of age story about a girl growing up in a future in which each day starts to grow longer and longer as the earth’s rotation slows. So good.

In other news, my cough is still relentless. I’m prone to bronchial infections and I haven’t even been able to read bedtime stories for K these last few weeks. One of the benefits of creating blog posts is that no talking is required. I was sitting in a coffee shop the other day working on a post, and a woman said to me, “You have one of those non-stop coughs too, huh?” And then we coughed like crazy simultaneously.


Not a lot of takers for the magnet kit giveaway, but I think this might have been my favorite group of answers to my giveaway questions to date. As a show of gratitude for taking the time to answer so thoughtfully and for brightening my outlook on humankind, I’m sending everyone who answered the question a kit. It will take me a little time to assemble them all, but I will ship ‘em out by the end of next week and will be emailing the recipients shortly.


Overheard K telling my mom the other day:

Ba-chan, Seattle is really a great place. You can get ANYTHING here. Things from Japan, France, Swedish…and Indiana*!”

*M is from Indiana, and apparently to K, it’s as exotic as other international locales.


Stay warm, my friends, and have a restful weekend – we’re off to get a Douglas fir tree!

Time to trim the tree
And open advent houses
each day seems too short

DIY Magnets + Giveaway!


I had half-heartedly tossed out the idea of doing some simple DIY projects and here I am, actually following through! I also have a giveaway and a story at the bottom of the post if you’re interested. Anyway, many moons ago, I got this idea to make magnets and in my enthusiasm, I ordered a bunch of supplies. I probably don’t need to elaborate that my magnet-making scheme didn’t pan out so well, and now I have quite the surplus taking up room in my basement.


So, just in time for the holidays, I thought I’d create a little tutorial for making your own magnets. Actually, “tutorial” seems to be a rather overblown description of what I’m offering, since I’m sure anyone can figure out how to do this. However, here’s a list of materials and a visual step-by-step:


1. Materials/Supplies:

E6000 glue, magnets (I used 3/4 inch or 19mm size, similar available here)
- Glass or plastic cabochons (I got my plastic ones from here)
- Decorative paper or fabric.
- The metal case is just a cute packaging idea for the magnets (you can find similar here and here - I can’t remember where I got mine from).
- Disposable gloves (not pictured)

2. Either trace the magnet onto decorative paper or fabric and cut out, or use a circular punch. I happened to have a 5/8-inch size punch but a 3/4-inch one would have worked great too as it would have been the same size as my magnet. I would suggest using thicker paper and fabric as the glue may bleed through and sometimes blur the design if the paper/fabric is too thin. I wrote the letters onto card stock, and I didn’t mind how the ink smudged a bit. I’ve also used photos minimized and printed on photo paper for these and they look fantastic.

3. Place a very small amount of the glue onto the magnet and adhere the paper/fabric. Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area. This glue can make you feel light-headed, and it’s also a good idea to wear disposable gloves.

4. Place another small drop of the glue on top of the paper/fabric. You’ll need to work quickly here.

5. Press down firmly onto the cabochon to get the air bubbles out. You might also need to wipe some excess glue off of the sides. Try to spread out the glue evenly while pressing down. Let dry 24 hours.


And that’s it!

Because I have quite a few extra, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving and general giving, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway. I have five “kits” that include 8 magnets, 8 cabochons and a metal tin. The giveaway is open to one and all (that includes you international folks). This means FIVE winners.

Before I ask you my usual giveaway question, I want to tell you a story first. When I was 19, I got into a massive car accident. It was the day after Thanksgiving, and I was driving down the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, on my way to meet my best friend. It was raining — not too hard, but it was a steady, rhythmic patter. No one knows how to drive in the rain in LA, and that clearly included me that frightening day so many years ago. What I remember is that a white car suddenly nosed its way into my lane, inches from colliding into me. I panicked and swerved, but because of the rain, the road was excessively slick. My car spun out of control. I was FACING oncoming traffic, blinded by all the headlights. Continuing to panic, I recklessly turned my car again, and this time I fishtailed off to the side of the freeway and crashed. I felt my head and body ricochet, and I could see that I had flattened the front of my car against the off ramp wall. I dizzily turned my head and saw two other cars silhouetted in the rain, right next to mine. I started crying and heaving, trying to remember how I had hit two cars. I was afraid to move, though at that point, I wasn’t sure that I could. I watched with dread as one of the car’s door opened and a man stepped out. Then another man from the other car sprinted out.

I was thoroughly confused as one man bent down to place small objects on the ground. The other man rushed over to my side of the car and knocked. I was still immobile so he tried the door and it was open. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could finally see that the small objects were flares, and this man looming above me was holding out a blocky, rectangular, calculator-looking thing. Back in those days, not many people had cell phones (I’m old, people) so I didn’t know what it was at first. I found that I could move my limbs, but had no clue how to use the phone so the man dialed my best friend for me and explained the situation to her. When he handed the early-model cell phone to me, all I could do was keen like an animal into the receiver and my friend dashed out in her pajamas to come get me.

I hadn’t hit the cars. They had stopped out of kindness, protecting me and shoring up much needed help. I totaled my car, and logically, I shouldn’t have survived the accident. The men told me that they saw how I turned a full 360 degrees on the freeway and couldn’t believe I was alive and that I managed to avoid hitting any cars. I didn’t touch a steering wheel again for nearly a year and I still hate to drive. And every Thanksgiving, I remember those men, and their acts of selfless giving, and I am beyond grateful. Because without the bright blanket of flares, without the connection that the rare cell phone provided, I probably wouldn’t have lasted that night. Where would I have gone? What would I have done? It was, by every definition of the word, a miracle.

So my question is this: is there a memorable act of kindness in your life? It can be the smallest of small: perhaps an understanding pat from your child when you were feeling particularly sad or an unexpected compliment from a stranger. Or the grandest of grand: a windfall of epic proportions, an unforgettable soiree thrown in your honor. Anything.

The giveaway will be open until next Friday, December 6th. Good luck!

Monday Outfit: Compagnie-M Swing Skirt Tour + Giveaway


**Update: the winner of the giveaway is dotted whale!**

Good morning! So when the insanely talented Marte of Compagnie-M contacts you, curious as to whether you’d like to try out her new skirt pattern, there’s really only one answer.

And there’s really only one word for the skirt: fabulous. M doesn’t actually comment much on the clothes I make for K, but when he saw this one, he was seriously impressed. “Cuuuuute!” he said. And that, my friends, is the highest form of compliment.


Let’s talk about the details, shall we? Did you think I would make this in anything other than grey? Of course not. The fabric is some kind of denim/stretch twill combo, I think, and I guess it’s more of a dusty French blue-grey. One of my favorite shades. There’s a good amount of give and I love the texture. It’s pretty thick and I freaked out a little while I was making this because when I started to iron the fabric, rusty, orange spots started to appear when my iron spouted some water. Thankfully, they went away as soon as the fabric dried.


The piping. This is the first time I made piping myself, and the cording I got turned out to be thicker than I initially thought, but it all worked out in the end. I don’t know why I don’t add piping more – it instantly elevates the garment to a whole new level of coolness, and this was no exception. And it’s not just neutral business, oh no. Can you see? There’s a floral party going on with the pocket lining/facing. It’s the same fabric as the infinity scarf, and it’s always fun to add little details like that. Ignore that bit of puckering that happened when I tried to attach the waistband. The waistband turned out to be a tiny touch too small.


Now, I’m not one for following trends normally, but I’ve been hugely enjoying the stripes + floral print madness going on lately. It’s very JCrew and Anthro. In my book, it doesn’t get any better than that.


When I saw the Swing Skirt pattern, this entire outfit immediately popped into my brain. If that tee looks familiar, it’s because I made a remarkably similar one for Elsie Marley when we had a clothing swap last year. In fact, this one was meant to go to Meg’s son, but it was early days of knit sewing for me and I just couldn’t get the neckband to come out right (you can see the one I finally sent off here and here). It’s the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan Tee, which is a fantastic pattern. It’s amazing what a difference a year and over a hundred handmade garments will make: I finished the neckline in about five minutes. Ditto with the infinity scarf, which is made from some luscious lawn-like cotton I’ve had since before K was walking.


The pockets! Oh, how I adore these pockets. They are so easy to construct, yet look incredibly high-end and challenging.


I won’t lie: this skirt took me a long time to make. I’m used to Japanese patterns that are, quite frankly, very fast to construct. It’s not that the swing skirt is difficult at all – in fact, Marte’s instructions are excellent, and the steps are very straightforward. It’s just not your bang-it-out-in-fifteen-minutes skirt that I may be prone to making. Marte includes a lot of details that result in a professional-looking finish, which is absolutely lovely, but I probably shouldn’t have started sewing at 11pm. I didn’t want to disappoint Marte’s high standards, and I admit I had to unpick more than a few seams, and I still ended up with some puckering. And the only other downside was that the sizing was off – the stretch factor may be to blame, but I cut the 7 (which has K’s exact measurements), but the waist is very loose and for these photos, I had to actually fold the waistband to keep the skirt from slipping off of her hips. BUT. She loves it so much that after the photoshoot, I added a temporary FOE waistband as a stop-gap measure so she can wear it out of the house. And it will be worn for years to come, I’m sure, and next time, I’ll make the waist adjustable, which is an option.


Regardless, cuuuuuuuuuuuute and fabulous, right?


So, onto the giveaway! Marte is generously giving away a free digital Swing Skirt pattern to you, my lucky readers. Y’all know that techy stuff isn’t my particular strength, and Marte, who obviously doesn’t suffer the same fate, provided a very savvy rafflecopter functionality for you to enter the giveaway. It’s open until November 6th, so act fast! And don’t forget to check out the other wonderful swing skirts on the tour.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Friday + Randomness



Happy Friday! First of all, I’m still in a daze from all the amazing comments these past few days – I believe the world’s kindest, smartest and awesomest people read my blog. Thank you.

Secondly, the announcement of the Halloween-y Fabrics giveaway: random generator number #12, Niki! Congrats, and you should have received an email from me already. I loved the Walter White costume idea, though yes, I agree that it’s probably an eyebrow-raiser for a three-year-old.

Thank you also for all the owl costume recommendations. I’m inspired!


K has always exhibited signs of jokester tendencies, but now her prankishness has been confirmed. M had taken K to his office over the weekend when he had to deal with some work, and on Thursday he noticed that his whiteboard had some scrawls. It turned out to be a drawing of a shapely backside with the word “butt” written in K’s signature large block letters, an arrow pointing to his desk. I know we ought to reprimand her, but is it wrong that we find this ridiculously and utterly hilarious? And yes, it took him four days to notice.

This reminds me of when K was about three years old. The local Trader Joe’s cashiers loved her and would often give her tons of TJ stickers. One day, after a successful grocery trip complete with a roll of stickers, I dropped K off at preschool. A few hours later as I was getting ready to pick K up, a woman stopped me. “Excuse me, ma’am…you have something on your back,” she told me, suppressing a smile. K had covered my back with TJ stickers somehow, and I had walked around the city all day that way. Classic.


Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

Have you played a prank
Or had one played upon you?
Ha ha ha ha ha 

Halloween Plans + Giveaway [CLOSED]

October! I can’t believe it. One minute I’m going on and on about summer on the cusp of ending and now it’s full-blown autumn. The first day of October always compels me to start thinking about Halloween, and this year K has requested an owl costume. What you see here is the second ever Halloween costume I made in 2008 (I talked about the first here), and this one was sewn with a proper sewing machine using jersey knit and mesh. It was a right mess.

Batgirl, just in case it’s not obvious. I embellished the front of the dress and wings with flower sequins, and the bat ears were painstakingly stitched by hand onto an existing headband. Look at those chubby cheeks!

The dress, I’m ashamed to admit, fell apart quickly. Despite my amateur attempt, K loved this costume so much and she wore that knit dress frequently after Halloween was over, gaping seams and all. I made everything up as I went along – back then I was so much more fearless about sewing than I am now, I think. I’ve become more cognizant and critical of the the “right” way to do things, but back then I just flung myself into projects without much forethought. I want to bring back that adventurous spirit a bit more.

Anyway, I’m off to hunt down owl costume inspiration. In the meantime, here are a few Halloween-y fabric I’d like to give away. I assumed it was American, this whole notion of All Hallows’ Eve, but I assumed wrong and I guess it is arguably Celtic in origin. At any rate, I hear the dressing up and trick- or-treating bonanza is gaining popularity in other parts of the world?

The fabrics are, from  left to right, multi-colored spiderwebs on mesh, mottled red cotton, black-on-black taffeta-esque polyester with velvet-ish spiderwebs. About a yard each and perfect for costumes, Halloween or ghoul-ish crafts.

The giveaway is open to one and all, and to enter, I’ll keep it simple this time. Any comment will do, but if you’d like some ideas, how about the best or funniest costume you’ve ever seen? At one of the fabric stores I frequent, there’s an employee who loves to sew Halloween costumes. One year, she made a circus strongman costume for herself, complete with tattoos and bulging muscles. It was awesome. I also always get a kick out of seeing a mini Batman with his Daddy as Robin. Every year, there’s always at least one pair. The giveaway is open until this Thursday, October 3rd, and I will announce the winner the next day. I’m thinking your chances are really excellent for this one. Good luck!

Giveaway: Pinkish Floral Fabrics [CLOSED]

It’s been a while since I’ve done a giveaway, hasn’t it? Because I consigned quite a bit of fabric at Our Fabric Stash recently (which I have yet to talk about), my overflow of fabrics is starting to look a teensy bit more manageable so there may not be too many more of these giveaways…

I was noticing some runway looks with watercolor prints popping up on Pinterest, and remembered this Alexander Henry “Mona Floral” fabric. I think I bought it because it reminded me of my duvet cover from freshman year. Barring the Freshman Fifteen weight gain, my first year at college was very, very fun so I associate that watercolor motif with a new sense of freedom and good times. I made a little top for K when she was just a wee thing, but I still have nearly a yard left of it.

I went through a big Amy Butler phase when I first started sewing. This is “Lotus” for Rowan fabrics. I find that I’m not as drawn to quilting cotton as a whole these days now that I’ve discovered linen, double-gauze and voile. This is a bold yet sweet print, perfect for a pink-loving little girl (or boy) or home decor project. There is just shy of a yard of this fabric as well.

So. These fabrics are up for grabs, and for the giveaway question, I had to reach far into the recesses of my noggin because my brain is a bit over-taxed these days. I gawped neanderthal-like at the screen feeling stumped for a good question. Neanderthal reminded me of what I must look like at the gym while lumberingly huffing and puffing on the treadmill, which reminded me of the many women’s magazines I read while on the evil machine, which reminded me of a Marie Claire section that asks women to talk about their favorite body part. So that’s my question: what is a part of yourself that you love most or are proudest of – it could be a body part, a personality trait, a skill. Don’t be shy! I think we’re programmed to downplay our strengths as women (and as far as I can tell, there are no gents reading this other than my long-suffering husband), and it’s so easy to focus on shortcomings in this Photoshopped world — such a shame.

I’ll go first. I love my eyebrows, though they could use a good plucking stat…I’m also quite proud of my ability to learn new skills quickly. I’ve been told I’m both left- and right-brained and I’ve had the privilege of working in a variety of fields encompassing the creative and technical. And last, but not least, I like to consider myself a good friend. The one you can call in an emergency; the one who will carry your secrets to her grave; the one who will enthusiastically support you and join you in your new ventures whether it be a beets-only diet (true story), crashing a psychic conference or enrolling in a hip hop class in which you are clearly too old by several decades (also true stories). On second thought, a better friend might talk you out of those ventures. What about you, what are your favorite attributes?

I will leave the giveaway open until Thursday, September 19th and will announce the winner the next day! As always, international folks are more than welcome!


Monday Outfit: Debbie’s Birthday Dress Hack + Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Good morning, friends, how is this Labor Day Monday (if you’re in the US) treating you so far? Today, I’m excited to share some pattern re-mixing that I’ve been experimenting with – I think it’s a fun one.

If you remember, I’ve made the sewpony’s Debbie’s Birthday dress quite a few times here and here. It’s such a great basic design and views 1 and 2 are darling, but I absolutely love that the modification possibilities are endless.

I’ve been wanting to make a version with sleeves and welt pockets, and I was finally able to get it all done this weekend. I utilized the “proper” side of the knit I used for my lace tank here, and because I just had a little left, I didn’t even bother trying to match up the print. No matter, it doesn’t take away from the sweetness of the dress, right?

This retro vibe makes me happy. Isn’t it very Mad Men? I wanted to play up the reversibility of the fabric and used the “wrong” side as bias binding for the neckline and sleeves, as well as for the pocket linings. I also added a quasi-exposed zipper (I totally botched that part up – don’t look too closely).

Modifying the DBD was a cinch. I started with view 2 and simply extended the shoulders to make cap/french sleeves, and lengthened the front and back bodice by a couple of inches (with the final version of the pattern, you won’t even need to do this since I was using the shorter version from the test pattern). I actually consulted my own tutorial for the welt pockets and left out the zippers.

I feel like this is another good summer/fall transitional dress. When it gets chillier, she can wear tights and a long-sleeves tee underneath, but for these warmer first weeks of school, it’s comfy as is.

I love it love it love it. When I started sewing for K last July, one of my hopes was to gain enough skills to translate the designs in my head into wearable garments. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become very spatially and mathematically-challenged which is ironic for someone who went to a special school for advanced math and science, and it’s taken me a long time to figure out how pattern pieces fit together. Though I still feel very much like a novice, I sense that I’m getting closer to my goal. It’s so thrilling!!

And do you know what else is thrilling? Suz of sewpony is offering one FREE Debbie’s Birthday Dress pattern to you, my lovely readers – I’m so pleased to offer this giveaway! To enter the giveaway, in keeping with the inspiration of the DBD, please leave a comment with your favorite childhood book. I read a million books as a child, but the ones I kept reading and re-reading were the Madeline L’Engle series, including the classic: A Wrinkle in Time. I also loved international folk tales translated into Japanese – confusing I know, but trust me, they were awesome.

The giveaway is open until this Thursday, September 5th, and I will announce the winner the next day. Good luck!

P.S. Suz is a contestant for Project Run & Play! So exciting!

Happy Friday + Randomness (+ giveaway winner!)

Happy Friday! It’s been an amorphous sort of week. My mom is gone, leaving a massive creative trail of handmade things in her wake, and we are feeling listless and aimless since her departure. Plus, K had no scheduled activity whatsoever so we did a lot of lounging.

The little art piece I did up there has nothing to do with anything, really, but I had forgotten that I made it until I was searching for another image in my archives, and thought it had a nice end-of-the-week vibe about it. It was a gift for a friend, and the cheerful Nani Iro fabric I used on the bottom portion brings a smile to my face.


We have a giveaway winner! #9 was Lauren, and she wrote,

The best birthday presents are the one my husband makes me. He loves working with wood so I get some really great stuff. I read magazines backwards too, I blame my left handedness. It makes me do a lot of things backwards.

I’m a leftie too, so you might be onto something there, Lauren! Also, I’m very envious that you have a woodworking wizard for a husband! My hubby, not so handy…anyway, Congrats, and you should have received an email from me already!


On housework…

K: Mommy, you have the cleaning sickness.

Me: What?? What’s the cleaning sickness?

K: It’s when you clean and clean and clean, and you try to make everything sparkling.

Me: [Incredulous] Really????

K: Yeah, you have it like once a month…

Obviously, I need to up my housework game if I’m giving the impression of having the cleaning sickness only once a month…


We still have a little over three weeks before school starts, but it feels like summer is starting to wind down and I’m making plans for the Fall already. How about you? Are you still in summer mode, or has the anticipation of cooler weather entered your sphere?

Debbie Birthday Dress
Blog Tour stop is here next week
I made some cute ones

Have you seen the great dresses on the blog tour so far? Check out sewpony!

I hope you have a lovely, lovely weekend, friends!

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