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Happy Friday + Randomness

Happy Friday! The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of celebrations and there’s still one last hurrah this weekend. After the American Girl bonanza, I’m determined to not go overboard with K’s party this weekend. M and I will be entertaining about 10 kids and I’m shooting for an ultra casual gathering. Of course, I’m already making elaborate DIY plans for a magnetic “Pin the button on the Dress” game, so I might already be shifting over to the dark side of overdoing things…Oh, and I got a pinata that doesn’t require whacking (as illustrated above, you just pull on those ribbons), and I hope the kids don’t find it too anti-climactic.

I wouldn’t have been able to get everything done without my mom aka Ba-chan. There are some things happening behind the scenes that could become incredibly exciting so I’ve been unusually busy, and she’s been steadfast and a dream babysitter/gourmet chef/all-around supporter. And I don’t think I mentioned that I got into an accident earlier this week (all cars and people involved are fine, and thankfully, it wasn’t my fault. A car backed right into me in the middle of the street!) – it’s been a crazy week.


Overheard an exchange between K and M the other day:

K: C’mon Butter Creams, let’s have game time*.

M: Alright Butter Bunions, let’s go.

*”Game time” is special bonding time that K and M regularly have that involves practicing karate kicks or playing video games. I have no idea what these nicknames mean.


Wishing you a thoroughly enjoyable weekend! I’ll be back on Monday with something a little different…

Thanks so much, Ba-chan
On Saturday you will leave
How will we function?

Happy Friday + Randomness


Happy Friday! Every day, K makes me laugh. I can’t possibly record every single utterance, but these were my faves this week:

K: I’m so into bugs right now.

Me: Oh yeah?

K: Yeah, I love books with pictures of bugs with information and all that stuff. Chapter books are so last season ago.


K: Mommy, I really want an asteroid. A fluffy one shaped like a bunny.


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! I leave you with a weekly haiku:

Have a lucky one
St. Paddy’s is this weekend
Don’t forget: wear green




I think I will always love drawing with black pen the best. I’ve been feeling a little cloudy lately…not sure why. But after finishing this little sketch, my mood lifted significantly. Sometimes, a bunch of stylized rainy clouds is all it takes.

Pattern Play

A little late to the game, perhaps, but I’ve been hooked on Downton Abbey┬áthese days. I’m still working my way through Season 1, and while I watch, I’ve been doodling some patterns. I’m currently working on a pink (of course) colorway with lace patterns as Mary tries to decide whether to marry Matthew…intrigue!